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Noble Street Methodist Church Roll of Honor

Current Location

Noble Street Uniting Church Newtown
31 Noble Street

Noble Street Methodist Church Roll of Honor

Church Group, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Large, richly detailed wooden honour board with Australian Commonwealth Military Forces crest central to arch. Includes gold lettering, floral and botanical emblems.

Full Inscription




1914 1919

(4 columns of names)




Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Allsop EA
Anderson C
Barnfather R Died
Betts W
Betts J
Beales WA
Beales NJ
Beales C
Beales P
Brown Hny.
Brown H Died
Bartlett JL
Bartlett C
Bennett ET
Cawkill P
Coulson L
Champion NO
Clutterbuck N
Clark E
Cust L Died
Cook JS
Coather H
Crosthwaite NM
Davies H
Drayton WR
Douglass F Died
Deller HR
Deller LC Died
Danger SS
Douglass R Died
Elson H
Frier AW
Coles EN
Forrest RJ
Fetherston SE
Garlick JF
Glew WA
Glew JT
Glew CP Died
Giroud C
Giroud L
Giroud Les. Died
Griffin WH
Graham HS
Graham WA
Graham FJ Nurse
Graham JH
Haggar GL
Haggar LA
Haggar R
Haggar C
Heard W
Haslam TW
Heasman HG
Harvey G
Harvey AJ Died
Harvey TW
Hepburn AE
Harding L
Harding A
Henderson PC
Jackson W
Johansen H
Johns CH
Joyce J Died
Coles AE
Jullien WV
Jullien A
Jenkins A Died
Jenkins W
Keown SJ Died
Keown CD
Keown AW
Kennedy R
Kennedy J Died
Lawry CR
Lawry LC
Lawry NF
Lawry H
Leckie HV
Martin EI
Martin JG
Martin S Died
Mulder AL
Mitchell MT
Mitchell LC
McDonald L
McCarey WA Died
McMurdie EA
McLean A Died
McPherson E
McCann DE Died
McCann P
Nash CJ
Oke NR Died
Pescott EL Nurse
Pescott CE
Pescott DM
Dew EO
Palmer A
Pile G
Powell N Died
Pittock HW Died
Reilly A
Rabbas H
Schroeder OA
Sherriff PJ Died
Sherriff EJ
Spendlove HL
Spendlove AC Died
Spendlove SC
Spendlove WH
Sedgewick AS
Sedgewick SV
Sandford EW
Sandford GJ
Sandford PH Died
Schleon A
Smith HE Died
Smith W Died
Silk H Died
Spowart O Died
Stevenson CA
Spicer G
Trevaskis H
Taylor A
Ward W
Watson SR
Worth S Died
Weeks HL
Williams IA Died