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Pakington Street Methodist Church Members Who Served

Current Location

Noble Street Uniting Church Newtown
31 Noble Street

Pakington Street Methodist Church Members Who Served

Church Group, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Narrow wooden board with intricately cut peaked top section. Gold lettering and simple columns.

Full Inscription



Members and Former Members who Enlisted for

Service in The Great War 1914-1918

(2 columns of names)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Everett G
Everett S
Trewheela G
Dickins R
Scannell NJ
Anderson WA
Curtis S
Edmonds A
Matthews R
Wilson A
Hambrook W
Marshall WS
Gilbert Roy
Smith F
Deans GW
Purdy W
Burr G
Tucker L
Chisholm S
Winter L
Birch I
Luscombe L
Baker W
Gilbert R
Gilbert L
Mattingley P
Williams P
Palmer V
Viccars H
Thorley R
Aitchison A
Aitchison J
Taylor W
Barfoot R
Nayler A
McLeod J
Digney FB
Chisholm A
Marshall H
Barber C
Pender D
Curry L
Best S
Boxall J
Reeves L
Reeves H
Gibson C
Nicholls O
Stephenson C
Richards S
Wallace W
Pike J
Pike C
Kitchen R
Kitchen H
Kitchen F
Jose H
Woolvett L
Quinton C
Huggins O
Degenhardt F
Sutch C
White G
Tanner F
Tanner R
Kay LT
Warner K
Emond J
Ashworth P
Walker T
Askew A
Milgate J
Myors J
Milgate H
Norman H
Duncan L
Barnes E
Hurst S
Mitchell W
Quinton Chas.
Curry P
Oke L