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Cressy and District Residents Who Served

Current Location

Cressy Community Hall
41 Yarima Road

Cressy and District Residents Who Served

Community, Golden Plains Shire

Board Description

Large wooden honor board with gold lettering and coloured painted scrolls in the heading. The board is for WW1, WW2 and Vietnam and is divided into two halves.

Full Inscription

Those Who Served & Returned

1914-1918 WORLD WAR 1

From Cressy and District

(4 columns of names)

WORLD WAR 2 1939-1945

From Cressy, Berrybank, Foxhow

(4 columns of names)

(Star symbol) Supreme Sacrifice


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Alford Fred Killed
Alford John
Ashdown H
Aumann A Killed
Bateman J
Bellesini Andrew
Binder V
Bown William Killed
Brown William
Burnett A Killed
Caldow Bill
Campbell Roderick
Campbell W
Carling Robert
Carson Cecil Killed
Carson J
Carson L
Christie Ern
Christie G
Christie P
Cook William
Collins Earnest
Cops Albert
Currie Clive
Dean Norman
Drysdale George Killed
Duncan K
Ferguson H Killed
Fisher M
Fisher S
Fitzpatrick John
Fraser Russell
Gilchrist AT
Goodman Fred Killed
Grant John
Hall AV
Hall W Killed
Hart J Killed
Hawes A Killed
Hellyer Norm
Hewitt W
Holtz F
Hyatt E
Jenkins G
Kerger Alf
Lambden H
Legg P
Lindon Phil
Little KG
Loats Victor
Loats Wilfred Killed
Maher J
McCallum John
McCallum Neil
McIntyre David
McKay Peter
McLennan Angus
McMurray GS
Minipy P Killed
Mowat Cliff
Mowat George
Mowat Ross
Mowat William Killed
Munday J
Nelson Alec L
Nelson Alex
Nelson Arthur
Nelson Lewis
Nelson Richard
Nelson Thomas
Nelson William Killed
Oliver F
Owen Jack
O'Meara R Killed
O'Shannessy R Killed
Perry A Killed
Peterson James Killed
Peterson Les Killed
Pierce Allan
Pierce Harry
Purchas J
Rees Rowland
Robertson A Killed
Robinson A
Shields M
Smith Norman
Stewart A
Stewart George Scott
Taylor Stanley
Thornton Lawrence Killed
Tierney James
Toogood E
White Eric
White James Killed
White Thomas Killed
Willis Roy
Wilson W
White Orrie
Nicol Thomas