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Linton State School Past Students Who Served

Current Location

Linton Primary School
28 Adair Street

Linton State School Past Students Who Served

School Community, Golden Plains Shire

Board Description

Large wooden honour board with curved sides and prominent top ledge. Detailed painted flags adorn each side of the columns of names, the Union Jack on the left and Australian Red Ensign on the right.

Full Inscription

1914. 1919.

(2 columns of names)



Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Allan R
Barton AT Killed in Action
Bass H
Brand L
Baker JH
Blurton G
Campbell A Killed in Action
Campbell C
Crane I
Cluff G
Dawe B
Dawe A
Donaldson B
Donovan K
Donovan M
Elbourne A
Fay A
Ferguson J
Ferguson L
Graham J
Graham R
Hart W
Jennings H
Jennings S
Jennings R
Jennings L
Johnston D
Lonsdale S
Lewis GE
Lewis L
Lewis G
Lonsdale O Killed in Action
Lewers S
Mark P
Martinez H
Morgan E
Megee T
McMillan D
Nicholls N Died on Service
Nicholls K
Nelson C
Reidy M
Reidy J
Sim P
Simper J
Simper A
Todd AC
Todd M Died on Service
Thompson A
Thompson C
Trevarrow TH
Wise S Killed in Action
Wise H Killed in Action
Wilson T Died on Service
Wearne H
Willoughby P