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Independent Order of Rechabites Self-reliance Tent Roll of Honour

Current Location

Geelong Mill Markets
114 Bellarine Highway

Independent Order of Rechabites Self-reliance Tent Roll of Honour

Social Group, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Large wooden honour board with ornately carved details including crossed swords behind a wreath. Painted blue banners bear the titles with the Australian Red Ensign to the left and Australian National Flag (with Commonwealth star in the top right corner) on the right.

Full Inscription


Self-reliance Tent.


1914. EUROPEAN WAR. 1919.


(1 column of names)


(1 name)

(4 columns of names)



Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Bennett A Killed
Cations M Killed
Chalmers J Killed
Coe AV Killed
Everitt G Killed
Fowler W Killed
George S Killed
Harrison T Killed
McIldowie J Killed
McLean A Killed
Parker L Killed
Smith HE Killed
Smith C Killed
Saddler H Killed
Saddler Hect. Killed
Williams EJ Killed
Graham FJ Nurse
Akers R
Anderson C
Anderson H
Brooks TV
Bendle A
Brushfield H
Backwell AL
Bryceson C
Bernard G
Bennett S
Boxall EJ
Crosthwaite N
Cook JEC
Campbell JA
Callender S
Currie F
Champion NO
Dearnley C
Davis SG
Danger S
Dadds T
Davis CA
Ellis W
Fewster C
Forrest R
Findlay E
Frier A
Fivash A
Faller W
Griffin JW
Galbraith WJ
Gliddon F
Graham HS
Gowty CE
Graham WA
Galbraith AV
Hobbs R
Hill WP
Herd FW
Hill JW
Hambrook W
Hobbs E
Hepburn A
Jackson CR
Jiggins A
Lyall J
Leggo CM
Knight H
Kroger H
Kennedy LT
Kennedy W
McDonald D
McMahon E
McIlroy R
Madill A
Murdock WF
Morris T
Moore G
Moore P
Madill E
Maas GR
Martin J
Milligan W
Moore A
Mitchell W
Mansfield GH
Nash C
Norman H
Nicholls H
Osborne HR
Purnell EH
Pugh H
Pescott C
Purdy WC
Peck R
Quick WR
Robertson JC
Rabbas H
Skelton WR
Smith VS
Smith H
Shrimpton TJ
Scannell NJ
Thomas E
Tullis M
Tyack L
Viccars S
Wynn AC
Walley W
Walton W
Walton L
Whitten VA
Watson SR
Whitten WH