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Marshalltown Young Mens Club Roll of Honor

Current Location

Geelong Heritage Centre
51 Little Malop Street

Marshalltown Young Mens Club Roll of Honor

Social Group, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Wooden honour board with peaked top and simple columns. Within the title a crown symbol is painted above crossed Union Jack and Australian Flag.

Full Inscription

M.Y.M.C. 1914-1918


(2 columns of names)

(Star symbol) KILLED.


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Newland F
Decker A Killed
Winkler L
Reckenberg C
Howard A
Searle L
Challis S Killed
Robertson W
Hornsey W
Hartwick H
Gardiner L
Mummery W
Brunt B
Batt W
Weir D Rev.
Robinson T Rev.
Schleon A
Phillips A
Earle P Killed
Whittington V
Holmes F Killed
Holmes G Killed
Collins M
Collins A
Routley S
Allen E
Peel N