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Marcus & Mannerim Roll of Honor

Current Location

Marcus Hill Community Hall
662-670 Banks Road
Marcus Hill

Marcus & Mannerim Roll of Honor

Community, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Small wooden honour board with peaked top and inlaid panels featuring small metal plaques bearing each name. The Union Jack is painted to the left of the heading and Australian Red Ensign to the right.

Full Inscription


1914 TO 1917


(3 columns of names)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
McCullough S
McCullough G
Nethersole C
Richardson O
Greenfield R
Harding HW
Harding JM
McDonald E
McDonald V
McDonald P
Stephens V
Stephens H
Hutchins D
Walpole H
Holland P
Bryant L
Devlin B
Hall HJ
Cooke R
Devlin F
Lukey W
Lukey A
Nihoff T
Flatt A
Davis H
Davis T
Hood J
Hood D
Webb G
Webb A
Hutchins J
Routley S
Winfield P
Devlin GF
Roberts J
Fogarty F
Pitcher E
Madden R
Madden N
Warren R
Trigg AJ
Milne P