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Balliang & District Honor Roll

Current Location

Balliang RSL Memorial Hall
1265 Bacchus Marsh - Balliang Road

Balliang & District Honor Roll

Community, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Wooden honour board inlaid with a montage of sepia portraits. Painted elements on the board include a Union Jack, Australian Red Ensign flag, cannon and floral motif.

Full Inscription




Men Who Nobly Served The Empire.

-1914. GREAT EUROPEAN WAR. 1919.-

(29 photographic portraits with captions, 3 names listed without portraits)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Firth MM C Sgt. 4th L.H. Regt.
Cashmore JA Sgt. 4th A.L.H. Regt.
Cashmore AJ Dvr. 3rd Div. A.S.C
Cashmore FJ Dvr. 3rd Div. Train. A.S.C
Cashmore AG Tpr. 4th A.L.H Regt.
Fry JF Pte. 24th Batt. A.I.F
Davis GT Pte. 24th Batt. Killed
Chirnside JI Major. M.C - A.A.M.C
Miller P Lieut.
Dukelow WH Pte. 2nd Batt. Killed
Minns E Pte. 37th Batt.
Turnbull JW Corp. 5th Batt. Killed
Anderson WA Pte. 22nd Batt.
Kerr RJ Pte. 30th Batt. A.F.A
Beggs JS L. Corp 24th Batt.
Dodemaide F Pte. 57th Batt. Killed
Cashmore EH Dvr. 12th F.A.B
Quinn M Sgt.
Jacobs H Pte.
Fullerton JR Pte.
Bird LE MM, Sgt. 5th Div. Hots
Bird CW Pte. 12th Batt.
Dodemaide TJ L. Corp 6th Batt.
Mc Dougall SV Pte. 22nd Batt.
Eldridge AR Pte.
Edols RW Dvr. 2nd Div. A.F.A
Howard HL Dvr. 5th D.A.C.F.A
Witham S Corp. 59th Batt. Killed
Ross JW Pte. 8th Batt.
Gardiner HA Dvr. A.F.A
Davis A Pte. 7th Batt.
Lamond DH Pte.