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Rokewood Junction Roll of Honor

Current Location

Cape Clear Recreation Reserve Hall
Recreation Reserve Road
Cape Clear

Rokewood Junction Roll of Honor

Community, Golden Plains Shire

Board Description

Mounted and framed montage of oval portraits and view of Rokewood Junction. Arrangement includes a central portrait of Lord Kitchener surrounded by a painted crest topped with a crown and flags of the allies.

Full Inscription



(18 portraits of service personnel, 1 portrait of Lord Kitchener, 1 photograph of Rokewood Junction)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Holmes Chas
Holmes Geo.
Collyer Len
Collyer Roy
Collyer Wm.
Collyer JA
Collyer Leo
Collyer Herb
McCallum EW
McCallum Arthur
McCallum Chas.
McCallum Adolphus
Collyer Arthur
Hearn Ben
Hearn Robt.
Parker Chester
Parker Stan
Richards Arthur