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Scarsdale and District Soldiers and Scarsdale State School Students Who Served

Current Location

Woady Yallock Historical Society
17 Heales Street

Scarsdale and District Soldiers and Scarsdale State School Students Who Served

Community, Golden Plains Shire

Board Description

Mounted and framed montage of portraits, school photo, painted flags and Rising Sun badges.

Full Inscription



Who fought in



(40 portraits, 42 names)


State School No 980


THE GREAT WAR 1914-1919


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Abbott Clarence Allen No. 332
Bennie Stanley Lt. Killed in Action
Black David No. 570
Bowler Leslie Allen No. 24
Bowler Arthur Edward No. 3471
Brister William No. 1319
Carey Allen Daniel No. 1956
Carnegie Norman A No. 1127 Warrant Officer Killed in Action
Cocks George Graham No. 2126 Killed in Action
Crosthwaite Edgar Hugh No.
Crosthwaite Norman Murray No.
Crosthwaite Robert No. 2045
Daniel George No. 367
Edgar Herbert No. 2602
Evans William No. 3511
Evans Robert Oliver No. 2821
Hatfield Arthur Ernest Cpl. No. 3583 Killed in Action
Hearn L
Howlett Christopher John (Jack) No. 4201
Laidler William No. 856
Lee Alfred George No. 1681A
Lee John Herbert No. A512
Lorriman George W No. 1676
Morrison Kenneth Hector No. 3746
Pender David Glaud No. 10179
Pender James Stanley No. V4...(WW2) 2nd Lt.
Pender John Thomas No. 10161
Phillips William Claude No. 3919 Killed in Action
Porter Joseph Robert No. 1891
Porter William No. 1834
Rutherford John Cpl. No. 2138
Rutherford Ralph Leslie No. 1837
Statton Albert Lewis No. 3596
Statton Harry Davey No. 523
Thompson William Edgar Pte. No. 4223 Killed in Action
Wallish John Leslie No. 2634
Wilkinson Robert Henry No. 1828
Wilkinson William Albert No. 2832
Wrigley Fred Rankin L.Col No. 2168 Killed in Action
Wrigley Hugh Cpt. No. VX137
Young Alexander No.
Young James No. 2861