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Geelong & District Returned Servicemen Abbott-Collins

Current Location

Geelong Peace Memorial
24 Gheringhap Street - Johnstone Park

Geelong & District Returned Servicemen Abbott-Collins

Community, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Grey marble memorial tablets skirted by bronze with engraved names painted gold. Tablets are arranged in one of nine panels and affixed to the Inner Sanctuary Wall of the Geelong Peace Memorial foyer.

Full Inscription

(4 columns of names)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Abbott Herbert Returned
Adams George Henery Returned
Aikman Alexander Clement Returned
Akers Richard S Returned
Alexander Harold William George Returned
Alexander Roy Peter Returned
Allday Harry Robert Returned
Allen James Francis Returned
Alsop Ernest Albert Returned
Anderson James Returned
Anderson John Nelson Returned
Anderson Leonard Charles Returned
Anderson William Allen MM Returned
Anderson William Wallace Returned
Andrews William Robert Returned
Appleford Sydney Theodore Returned
Archer James Returned
Armour Eric William Returned
Armstrong Herbert Gordon Returned
Armstrong Oswald Robert Returned
Arnott Leslie Returned
Asche Herbert George Returned
Ashton Arthur Richard Edmund Returned
Ashworth Percival George Returned
Aston Percy Vivian Returned
Atkins Lionel Harry Returned
Atkins Victor Broughton Returned
Audsley John Donald Returned
Audsley Percy Raymond Returned
Ayres Frederick Returned
Backwell Albert Leslie Returned
Baddeley James Returned
Bade Albert Edward Returned
Baensch John Godfrey Returned
Baglin Edward Stanley Returned
Bain Alexander George Returned
Bampfield Henry James Erwin Returned
Banfield Allan Edgar Returned
Barclay Alan Stanley Returned
Barclay Alexander Watson Returned
Barclay Charles Leslie Returned
Barclay Leslie Stephen Returned
Barclay Stanley William Returned
Barclay William Hector Returned
Barfoot Roy Leo Returned
Barker Robert Charles Returned
Barling Ernest Lincoln Hyde Returned
Barnard Charles Alston Returned
Barnard Geoffrey Charles Returned
Barnes Ernest Henry Returned
Bartlett Charles Samuel Returned
Bartlett James Lewis Returned
Bartlett James Rupert Fletcher Returned
Batten Victor Thomas Arthur (Dec) Dec.
Baverstock Frederick George Returned
Bayley Harold Hadley Returned
Beach Arthur Vernon Returned
Beach Sidney Eric Returned
Beales Charles Returned
Beales Herbert Eugene John Returned
Beales Norman Joseph Returned
Beales Percival Returned
Beales Robert Spencer Returned
Beales William Arthur Returned
Beamond William Robert Moodie Returned
Beard David Benjamin Returned
Beard James Lineham Returned
Beardon Clarence Edgar Returned
Beardsell Thomas Returned
Beath Arthur Adrain Returned
Beath John James Returned
Beath Laurence Fountian Returned
Beath Richard Holly Returned
Bechervaise Alex Fullford Returned
Beck Frank Returned
Beck Horace Edney Returned
Bedggood Vivian Charles Returned
Belcher Edward Norman Returned
Bell James Burleigh Returned
Belperroud Charles William Returned
Bendle Albert Martin Returned
Bendle Robert Charles Returned
Bennett Harold Returned
Bennett John Richard Returned
Bennett Tom George Stanley Returned
Bennett Victor Brassey Returned
Benning John Dominc Returned
Berry Alfred Returned
Berry John William Returned
Betts Leslie John Returned
Bigmore Alfred Walter Returned
Bigum Axel Peter Returned
Binch Arthur Robert Returned
Birch William Returned
Bird William John Returned
Birdsey Bevan Returned
Birdsey Norman Hamilton Returned
Birdsey Oscar Rene Returned
Blackmore Frederick Returned
Blackney Edward Henry Returned
Blackney William Allan Returned
Bliss William John Returned
Blomley Joseph Barton Returned
Bodley Reginald Returned
Bolton Sloan Returned
Bolwell Percy Herbert Alfred Returned
Bone Edwin Archie Returned
Bone Robert Percy Returned
Bonette Francis George Leonard David Returned
Bonnett Herbert James Returned
Bonney William Henry Returned
Boseley Edwin Charles Returned
Bossence Allan William Returned
Bowden Frederick Aloyisus Returned
Bowden Henry Gerard Returned
Bowden Walter Harry Returned
Bowler Arthur Edwin Returned
Bowler Leslie Allan Returned
Boxall John Returned
Boyd Leslie Turner Returned
Boyd Neil Nicholson Returned
Bragge Thomas Clutten Returned
Brearley Ormond Arthur Robert Returned
Brearley Percy Chaster Returned
Brequet Leslie William Auguste Returned
Brennan Edward David Returned
Brew Francis Returned
Briers Roy David Returned
Briggs Bernard Charles Returned
Brisbane Harold C Returned
Britter Harry James Returned
Britter Robert Leslie Returned
Broad Harold Stanley Returned
Brockwell Frederic George Returned
Brooks Rowland Oliver Returned
Brooks Thomas Victor Returned
Broome George Augustus Returned
Brosnan Daniel David Returned
Brough Henry Stanely Returned
Brown Alick Henry Returned
Brown Bertram William Returned
Brown Henry Returned
Brown John Alfred Returned
Brown Matthew Thomas Returned
Brown RB Returned
Brownbill Frank Returned
Brownbill Lindsay John Returned
Brownbill Leslie Whyndham Returned
Brownbill Stanley Wilfred Returned
Brownhill Edwin Charles Returned
Brownhill Horace Edgar Returned
Brownhill Walter Randolph Returned
Brownlee James Gordon Returned
Brushfield William Peter Harold Returned
Bryan Ronald Returned
Bryceson George William Returned
Buchanan Charles Roger Returned
Buchanan Norman Returned
Buchanan Percival Alexander Returned
Buchanan Robert Returned
Buchanan Victor Hugh Returned
Bumpstead Stephen Robert Returned
Burn Frank Herbert Returned
Burn Stanley John Returned
Burr Charles Wheatley Returned
Burr George Returned
Bush Reuben Harold Returned
Butt Arthur James Llewellyn Returned
Butterworth Charles Arthur Returned
Butterworth Richard John Robert Returned
Butterworth William Joseph Frank Returned
Cahill Wilfred John Davis Returned
Cahir William Returned
Caldwell Reginald McArthur Returned
Callaghan Michael James Returned
Callander Finlay Jackson Returned
Callander Robert Alexander Returned
Callander Stanley Charles Returned
Cameron John Alexander Returned
Cameron Roy Ian Returned
Camp Ernest John Returned
Campbell Charles Alexander Returned
Campbell James Alexander Returned
Campbell Leslie Gordon Returned
Campbell Robert McGregor Returned
Campbell William John Returned
Candela Giovanni Returned
Carmichael William Charles Returned
Carr John Wilfred Returned
Carr Leonard Charles Returned
Carroll Eric John Bernard Returned
Carroll George Edward Returned
Carroll Montague Henry Returned
Carroll Michael John Returned
Carroll Owen William Returned
Carson John Returned
Carter Albert Percy Returned
Carter Leo Sidney Returned
Casey Frank Leslie Returned
Casperson John Neilson Returned
Catron Joseph Edward Thomas Returned
Cecil Charles William Returned
Chamberlin Hector L Returned
Champion Norman Oliver Returned
Chisholm Alan William Returned
Chisholm Stanley George Returned
Clanchy Patrick Returned
Clarence William Leslie Returned
Clark Loris Richard Stephen Returned
Clark Alfred Ernest Returned
Clarke Alfred Returned
Clarke Alfred Bernard Returned
Clarke Alfred Daniel Returned
Clarke Harold Findon Returned
Clarke Martin John Returned
Clarke William Returned
Clery Albert Returned
Cleverdon Frederic Toon Returned
Clutterbuck Norman Henry Returned
Cobb Frank Charles Returned
Cockayne Thomas Francis Returned
Cocking James William Returned
Cole Charles Thomas Returned
Cole George Edward Returned
Cole Thomas Returned
Coleman Henry James Returned
Coles Arthur Edward Returned
Coles Ernest Norman Returned
Collins Arnold Cornelius Returned
Collins Arthur Stanley M Returned
Collins Edward James Returned