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Geelong & District Returned Servicemen Collins-Goodes

Current Location

Geelong Peace Memorial
24 Gheringhap Street - Johnstone Park

Geelong & District Returned Servicemen Collins-Goodes

Community, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Grey marble memorial tablets skirted by bronze with engraved names painted gold. Tablets are arranged in one of nine panels and affixed to the Inner Sanctuary Wall of the Geelong Peace Memorial foyer.

Full Inscription

(4 columns of names)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Collins George Gordon Returned
Collins Leslie James Returned
Collins Matthew John Returned
Collins Victor Returned
Collins William Henry Returned
Condie Andrew Gilbert Returned
Congdon Charles George Returned
Conrick James Albert Returned
Cook John Stanley Returned
Cook Stanley Wilson Returned
Cook William Returned
Cook William Arthur Returned
Cook William Alexander Returned
Coombs Robert Chappell Returned
Copley Harold William Robert Returned
Cornish Frederick Newman Returned
Costello James Leo Returned
Coster William Returned
Cotter Garrett Joseph Returned
Cotter Patrick Returned
Coulson Bert Returned
Coulson Clifford Frederick Returned
Coulson Laurence Edward Returned
Coulson Raymond Hillam Returned
Coulson Robert Returned
Cowley Thomas William Returned
Cox Arthur Returned
Craggs Arthur William Samuel Returned
Cranstoun Lionel Returned
Creen James Ernest Returned
Crisp Ralph Harry Returned
Crisp Stanley Returned
Cromer Thomas Returned
Cross William Charles Returned
Crosthwaite Norman Murray Returned
Cullen Francis Hewer Hay Returned
Cunningham Alexander Jackson Returned
Cunningham Harold Returned
Cunningham William Returned
Curnow Percy James Returned
Curry Leslie John Returned
Curry Percy George Returned
Curtis Stanley Thomas Returned
Curtis Valentine Otto Returned
Cuthbertson Charles William Returned
Cutts William Charles Returned
Dadds Trevor Returned
Dalley Reginald Returned
Dance Frederick Returned
Dancey William Henry Joseph Returned
Dandy Albert Edward Returned
Dandy Arthur Ormond Clyde Returned
Danger Stanley Samuel Returned
Daniel John James Returned
D'Arcy Joseph Returned
Dardel Eric Walter Returned
Dardel Frank Roy Returned
Dardel James Henry Returned
David Thomas Arthur Returned
Davidson John Harold Returned
Davies Evan Ferguson Returned
Davies Harold Returned
Davis Sydney George Returned
Davis Thomas Returned
Davison Norman McNicol Returned
Dean Edgar John Returned
Dean Francis Edward Returned
Dean Ralph Eden Returned
Deane George Albert Returned
Deans Charles George Returned
Deans George William Returned
Deans Harold Returned
Dearnley Cecil Ralph Oscar Returned
Dearnley John Edwin Returned
Dedman James Plumridge Returned
Delahenty James Francis Returned
Delahenty Richard John Returned
Delay Cecil Returned
Deller Harry Royston Returned
Dendle Albert Edward Returned
Denno Harold Returned
Dentry Harry St Omer Returned
Diamond Charles Patrick Returned
Dickins Ralph Oswald Reginald Returned
Dickson Alfred John Returned
Dickson Andrew Stanley Returned
Dickson James Christopher Returned
Dickson Nicholas Gordon Returned
Dickson William Everard Returned
Digby Cecil Thomas Returned
Digney Frederick Brabham Returned
Dixon Cecil Herbert Returned
Dodds Albert Lawrence Returned
Dodds George William Balma Returned
Dodds Thomas Henry Returned
Donovan William Returned
Doolan Phillip Returned
Douglas Douglas William Returned
Douglass Alfred Montagu Returned
Douglass Leslie Frederic Returned
Doyle James William Returned
Doyle Thomas Henry Returned
Draffen George Returned
Drayton William Robert Returned
Drew Harold Ormond Stanley Returned
Drewry Ambrose Len Returned
Drury Wilfred Alexander Returned
Duckworth Horace Victor Returned
Duckworth John Returned
Duggan Claude Benjamin Returned
Duggan John McGillivray Returned
Dunn Herbert Sydney Returned
Dunne John Joseph Returned
Dunt Clive Clifford Returned
Dunt Horace Hazlitt Returned
Dwyer Frank Returned
Dyson Eli Returned
Eason Alexander Returned
Eason John Faulkner Returned
Edgar John Returned
Edgar John Matheson Returned
Edmonds Albert Essington Returned
Edmonds John Richard Returned
Edmonds Joseph Skewes Returned
Edwards Rupert David S Returned
Eggleston William Joseph Returned
Elburn Harry Christie Returned
Elden Arthur Charles Returned
Elden Claude Rupert Returned
Eldridge Allan James Returned
Elliott Gordon Archibald Returned
Elliott Roy Donald Returned
Elliott Robert Firth Returned
Ellis Alec Preston Returned
Ellis David Returned
Ellis James Lewis Returned
Ellis Thomas Returned
Ellis William Henry Returned
Elvins Henry Francis Herbert Returned
Emerson Walter Clarence Returned
England Gilbert George Returned
Ensby Charles Returned
Erikson Carl Harold Returned
Evans Thomas McTaggart Returned
Evans Stanley Warnes Returned
Everett Sidney Oscar Returned
Fairnie Edward John Returned
Faller William Returned
Fanning Victor John Returned
Fanning William Francis Returned
Farrow William Leonard Dec.
Faulkner Horace Burkett Returned
Featherston Stanley Ernest Returned
Ferguson Alexander Cyril Returned
Ferguson Arthur Harris Returned
Ferguson William Archibald Returned
Fethersonhaugh C Trevor Returned
Fewster Clarence Percival Returned
Fewster James William Returned
Field Hilton Returned
Field Henry Gordon Returned
Findlay Edgar Alexander Returned
Finnis Henry C Returned
Fisher Clifford Ernest Returned
Fisher Leonard George Returned
Fisher Leslie James Returned
Fisher Peter William Returned
Fitzpatrick Patrick Joseph Returned
Fivash Albert John Returned
Fleet Donald George Returned
Fleet William John Returned
Fletcher Cecil Palmer Returned
Fletcher Frederick Theodore Returned
Fletcher Norman Returned
Flockhart John Returned
Floyd Merton Neil Returned
Foggo Matthew Wilson Returned
Forrest James Alexander Returned
Forrest Richard John Returned
Foster John Returned
Fowler Stanley Returned
Fox Joseph Thomas Returned
Fox Sydney Fred Returned
Fraillon Mederic Alfred Returned
France John Returned
Franklin John Alphonus Returned
Fraser Albert George Ritchie Returned
Fraser Donald Gordon Returned
Fraser David William Returned
Fraser Hugh Alexander Returned
Fraser James Returned
Fraser Ralph Returned
Fraser Robert Henry Returned
Freeman Alan Benjamin John Returned
Freeman James Arthur Returned
Freeman John Reginald Returned
Freeman Neil Mackenzie Returned
French Arthur Francis Returned
French John Returned
French Thomas Returned
Frier Allan William Returned
Frith Leslie Charles Returned
Galbraith AV Returned
Galbraith Walter James Returned
Gallagher Edward Gordon Returned
Gallagher Harold George Returned
Galland Leslie Burfield Returned
Gamble Robert Henry Returned
Garlick John Frank Returned
Gavin Frederick James Returned
Geard Vincent Returned
Gell Alfred Edward Returned
Gell Alan Raymond Returned
Gibb Herbert Ian Returned
Gibbs Harold John Returned
Gilbert Roy Clarence Returned
Giles William Henry Clarence Returned
Gilham Albert William Returned
Gillingham William Returned
Glew John Thomas Returned
Gliddon Alan Victor Returned
Gliddon Frederick Returned
Godfrey Arthur Henry Langham Returned
Gogoll John Austin Samuel Returned
Gollan R Returned
Goodes Arthur Edward Returned
Goodes Horace George Returned
Goodes John Herbert Returned
Goodes Walter Frederick Returned