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Geelong & District Returned Servicemen Gormam-Landry

Current Location

Geelong Peace Memorial
24 Gheringhap Street - Johnstone Park

Geelong & District Returned Servicemen Gormam-Landry

Community, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Grey marble memorial tablets skirted by bronze with engraved names painted gold. Tablets are arranged in one of nine panels and affixed to the Inner Sanctuary Wall of the Geelong Peace Memorial foyer.

Full Inscription

(4 columns of names)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Gormam Thomas Hubert Returned
Gowty Charles Christopher Returned
Grace Gregory Francis Returned
Graham Harold Seymour Returned
Graham Joseph Henry Returned
Graham John Vincent Returned
Graham William Alfred Returned
Grant John Alexander Returned
Grant Robert Donald Returned
Grant Vincent Gordon Returned
Gravett William George Cecil Returned
Gray Leslie Edward Returned
Gray Noel Bertram Returned
Gray Thomas Henry Returned
Grenfell Cyril James Hylton Returned
Grenfell Sydney John Returned
Griffiths Charles Returned
Griffiths George Returned
Grigg Geoffrey Thomas Morley Returned
Grinter Clarence Victor John Returned
Grist Victor Francis Returned
Gross Albert Edward Returned
Groves William Henry Returned
Groves William John Returned
Grundell John William Returned
Guinane John Augustine Returned
Guinane William Joseph Returned
Gustafson Carl Hendrick Returned
Hagger George Lawrence Returned
Hagger Leopold Albert Returned
Hagger Reginald Andrew Returned
Hall Charles Edgar Returned
Hall Henry Norman Returned
Halliday Ernest Kerr Returned
Hambling George Charles Returned
Hambling William James Returned
Hambrook William Henry Returned
Hamilton Cuthbert William Returned
Hamilton Robert Daniel Returned
Hammer Phillip Leslie Returned
Hammond James Returned
Hancock Frederick Goffin Returned
Handley Horace Squires Returned
Hanlon Frederick William Returned
Hanlon Joseph Alexander Returned
Hanlon Robert Edward Returned
Hanlon Victor Christopher Returned
Harding Adrian Whitelaw Returned
Harding Tom Branton Returned
Hargreaves Bernard William Returned
Harris Louis Returned
Harris Reginald Shirley Returned
Harris Thomas John Returned
Harrison Arthur Jeffreys Returned
Harrison Geoffrey Clouston Returned
Harrison Reginald Edward Returned
Harrison Stanley John Returned
Harrison Walter Rufus Returned
Hartstone Thomas Frederick Returned
Hartwick Herbert Returned
Harvey George Returned
Harvey Thomas Wright Returned
Harvey William Wyatt Returned
Hastings Stephen Patrick MM Returned
Hawkes Tom Bailey Returned
Hawkins Harold Leslie Returned
Hayden William Joseph Returned
Hayward George Allan Returned
Healy Timothy Dominick Returned
Heasman Harold George Returned
Heathcote Harold Roland Returned
Heathcote Leonard John Returned
Heath John Samuel Robert Returned
Hellings Charles Returned
Henderson Percival Clifton Returned
Hendy James Clarence Returned
Hennessy Francis Joseph Returned
Henry Arthur George Returned
Henry Edgar Percival Returned
Henry Harry Newman Returned
Henry Robert Percival Returned
Henstridge Charles Henry Returned
Hepburn Alfred Edgar Returned
Hewitt William Percy Returned
Hickinbotham Alan Robb Returned
Higgins Arthur Rowland Returned
Higgins Charles William Returned
Higgins Harold Thomas Returned
Hill Ernest Purnell Returned
Hill John Weight Returned
Hillier Herbert Roy Returned
Hillier Lester Gyles Returned
Hillier William Harry Returned
Hirst Harold Returned
Hirst Hilton Returned
Hirst Leslie Returned
Hirst Norman Returned
Hitchins Harold Hussey Returned
Hobbs Cyril Alfred Returned
Hobbs Raymond Returned
Hobday Charles Gordon Returned
Hodges Henry George Returned
Hodges Leslie George Returned
Hodges Roy Kasterton Returned
Holbrook RC Returned
Holien Michael Joseph Returned
Holliday Ernest William Returned
Holmes Charles Arthur Returned
Holmquest Olaf Returned
Honey Arthur William Returned
Hood Alfred William Returned
Horman George Returned
Hornsey Norman Francis Returned
Hornsey William Albert Returned
Hotchin Francis Joseph Returned
Houghton John Alexander Returned
Howard Sidney Smith Returned
Hudson Frederick William Returned
Hughes Alexander Henry Returned
Hughes Frederick William Returned
Humphries Daniel Dean Returned
Hunt Richard Frederick Returned
Hunt Robert Lawrence Clifford Returned
Hunt Walter Herbert Returned
Hunter Andrew John Returned
Hunter Francis Returned
Hunter Roy Leslie Returned
Hurley Leslie Thomas Returned
Hurst Evelyn Joseph Returned
Hurst Harold Edward Returned
Hurst Leslie Norman Returned
Hyatt Ernest James Returned
Hyatt Leslie Clarence Returned
Hynes George Martin Returned
Icely Reginald Robert Mosgrove Returned
Irwin James Robert Returned
Irwin William Returned
Jackson John Angus Returned
Jackson Wilfred Returned
Jackson William Returned
Jackson Robert George Returned
Jacobs Charles Norman Returned
Jacobs Harold Leslie Returned
James William Henry Returned
Jamieson William Leslie Loyal Returned
Jeffs Norman Leslie Returned
Jende Ernest Returned
Jenkins Alfred Edwin Ollis Returned
Jenkins Charles Frederick Returned
Jenkins Edward Riley Returned
Jessup Edgar Meredith Returned
Jiggins Alexander James Returned
Johns Clarence Henry Returned
Johns David Gordon Returned
Johns Thomas Merton Returned
Johnson Arthur Sydney Returned
Johnson Alfred Victor Returned
Johnson Cyril Francis Returned
Johnson Frederick Returned
Johnson Thomas Dudley Returned
Johnson William Henry Returned
Johnston Robert David Bruce Returned
Jones Albert Edward Returned
Jones Albert Garfield Returned
Jones Albert Leslie Returned
Jones James Nicholas Returned
Jones Sydney Harold Returned
Jose Horace Stephen Returned
Joy Arthur Horman Returned
Julian William Rowland Returned
Jullyan Alfred Frank Returned
Jullyan Stanley Gordon Returned
Kay Laurie Returned
Kearney John Returned
Kearney Leo Returned
Keating Walter Returned
Keenan Frank Richard Returned
Kelly Andrew Cooper Returned
Kelly Horace Edgar Returned
Kelly Harold Lewis Returned
Kelynack Abner Love Returned
Kenneally James Returned
Kenneally John Henry Returned
Kennedy Angus Returned
Kennedy Alexander Returned
Kennedy Errol Leslie Returned
Kennedy Gordon William Returned
Kennedy HJ Returned
Kennedy James George Returned
Kennedy Norman Leonard Returned
Kennedy Wallace Returned
Kenny F Returned
Keown Clarence Douglas Returned
Keown Sidney John Returned
Kerger Alfred Charles Returned
Kerley James Thomas Returned
Keys Frederick George Returned
Kiddle Arthur Gordon Returned
King Chris Returned
King Edwin Joseph Returned
King Reginald Charles Returned
King Robert John Returned
Kingwell Edward Vicars Returned
Kirby Eric Herman Returned
Kirby Gordon James Returned
Kirby Stanley William Returned
Kirwood Stanley George Returned
Kitchen Herbert Edward Returned
Kitchen Reginald William Returned
Kniebusch Francis Arnold Returned
Knight Harold Watts Returned
Kroger Henry Herman Returned
Laird George Arthur Returned
Lambert John William Returned
Lambert Thomas Francis Returned
Lamble Roy Returned
Lamont Kenneth Edmund Returned
Lander Austin Herbert Returned
Lander Harold George Roninson Returned
Landry Sydney Returned