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Geelong & District Returned Servicemen Lane-Nott

Current Location

Geelong Peace Memorial
24 Gheringhap Street - Johnstone Park

Geelong & District Returned Servicemen Lane-Nott

Community, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Grey marble memorial tablets skirted by bronze with engraved names painted gold. Tablets are arranged in one of nine panels and affixed to the Inner Sanctuary Wall of the Geelong Peace Memorial foyer.

Full Inscription

(4 columns of names)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Lane Leslie Henry Returned
Larcombe John Thomas Returned
Larkins Roderick Returned
Laverick George Returned
Lawry Charles Richard Returned
Lawry Herbert William Harold Returned
Lawry Leslie Giles Returned
Lawry Norman Francis Returned
Leckie Harry Victor Returned
Lee Edgar Charles Returned
Leibhardt Fredrick Leslie Returned
Leigh Herbert Returned
Leighton Hamilton Returned
Leitch John Black Returned
Lewis Harold Thomas Returned
Lewis Leslie Alfred Returned
Little Isaac Returned
Little Reginald Dover Returned
Lockie Charles Alphonsus Returned
Logan Albert John Returned
Logan William Edward Returned
Long Charles Josiah Returned
Long Frederick John Returned
Long Walter Edgar Returned
Long William Edward Returned
Lonigan James Joseph Returned
Lowday Richard Ernest Returned
Lowe Albert Ernest Returned
Lowe Charles Frederick Returned
Lowe Claude Harold Returned
Lowe George Returned
Lowe Rupert Returned
Lowe Vivian Harcourt Returned
Lynch George Tull Returned
Lynch Henry Joseph Returned
Lynch Patrick Returned
Lynch Reginald Frederick Claude Returned
Macauley Kenneth Fraser Returned
Macauley William Hardy Returned
MacDonald Andrew Lamond Returned
MacDonald Eric Gladstone Returned
MacDonald Keith George Returned
MacDonald Neil Douglas Returned
MacFarlane Stanley Returned
MacGillivray Ian Returned
Machar Harry Returned
Mackay Graham Glover Returned
Mackay Norman David Returned
MacKinlay Norman Livingstone Returned
MacKintosh Ronald Falconer Returned
MacRoberts Andrew Hamilton Returned
Madden Cecil Walter Returned
Madden George Baker Returned
Madden Reginald Joseph Returned
Maddern Percival Charles Returned
Madill Alfred John Returned
Madill Ernest William Returned
Malcolm John Reginald Returned
Mann James Henry Returned
Mansfield William John Returned
Marchant Frederick Charles Returned
Marchant Robert Returned
Marendaz Herbert James Returned
Marriott William Benjamin George Returned
Marshall William Stewart Returned
Marsham Robert Joseph Returned
Martin Eustace Irving Returned
Martin Patrick Harold Returned
Martini Herbert Returned
Marwood Arthur William Returned
Mason Jack Returned
Massie George Sangster Returned
Mathew Alexander Returned
Matthews Horace Returned
Matthews Thomas Hamilton Returned
Mawson Frederic Richard Samuel (Dec) Returned
Maxwell Robert John Returned
Mayall John Ernest Returned
Meakin Allan Ingram Returned
Meakin Rupert Henry Returned
Merrill John Alexander Returned
Michael Arthur Henry Returned
Michael Cyril Isaac Returned
Michael Norman Benjamin Returned
Michael Reginal Samuel Returned
Middleton Hubert Alan Returned
Middleton William S Returned
Miles Henry Hartley Returned
Millar Alfred John Returned
Millar George Martin Returned
Miller Henry Ernest Returned
Miller Thomas Augustine Returned
Miller Thomas James Returned
Millgate Henry George Returned
Millgate James Pett Returned
Milligan W Returned
Milliken F Returned
Mills Bryant James Returned
Mills Reginald Charles Returned
Milne Alexander Returned
Minifie Henry Herbert Victor Returned
Minogue Thomas Patrick Returned
Mitchell Laurie Gordon Returned
Mitchell Mowbray Turnbull Returned
Mitchell William Percy Returned
Moebus Gustav William Returned
Moir Pierce Christopher Returned
Moodie Edgar Returned
Moodie Edward Returned
Moody Roy Vesbrugge Returned
Moody Victor Charles Returned
Moore Arthur Frederick Returned
Moore Clifford William Returned
Moore Gordon John Returned
Moore Percy Charles Returned
Moors Norman Lyster Returned
Moreton CK Returned
Moreton FE Returned
Morgan Gordon Harold Vincent Returned
Morris David Andrew Returned
Morris Theophilus William Returned
Morton Alfred Norman Returned
Moss Thomas William Returned
Muir David Montague MC Returned
Muir Robert Returned
Muir William Returned
Mulder John Albert Leslie Returned
Mullen John Francis Returned
Mullett Walter John Returned
Mullins James Returned
Munday James Joseph Returned
Munyard William John Returned
Murphy Bernard Returned
Murphy Joseph John Returned
Murray Christopher Returned
Murray Edward Dickson Returned
Murray Leslie Returned
Murray Thomas Forrester Returned
Murrell George Campbell Returned
Myers Clove Returned
McAuley George William Mould Returned
McCann Percy Adolphus Returned
McCarthy John Thomas Returned
McCaskill Donald Returned
McCauley James Returned
McClure Norman Ralph Returned
McConnell Edward Thomas Returned
McConnell John Lawrie Returned
McConnell William Warburton Returned
McCooke John Returned
McCrae Thomas William Returned
McDonald Donald Returned
McDonald George Wallace Returned
McDonald Hugh Sheridan Returned
McDonald Ian Douglas Returned
McDonald John Selwyn Hammon Returned
McDonald Leslie Alexander Returned
McDonald Stephen J Returned
McEwen John Returned
McEwen Richard George Returned
McFarlane Herbert Galbraith Returned
McFarlane Harold Sylvester Returned
McGann Victor Leslie Returned
McGee Henry George Returned
McGill Raymond Eddy Paul Returned
McGlashan Alexander Returned
McHarry Ernest Returned
McHarry Victor Returned
McHugh Charles Gordon Returned
McInnes Francis Hector Returned
McInnes William Joseph Returned
McIntosh Alan Richard Returned
McIntosh John Returned
McIntosh James Duncan Stewart Returned
McIntosh William Alexander Returned
McKay JP Returned
McKenna Alexander Returned
McKenzie Alexander S Returned
McKenzie John Alexander Returned
McKenzie Marwood Kenneth Returned
McKenzie Thomas William Returned
McKinley Patrick Francis Returned
McLachlan Ernest Edward Returned
McLauchlan James Returned
McLauchlan William John Returned
McLean Alexander Returned
McLean Edward Finlay Returned
McLennan Angus Russell Returned
McLeod James Arthur Returned
McLaughlin H Returned
Mcloughlin James Leo Returned
McMahon Edgar William Returned
McNair David Shearer Returned
McNair Gilbert Beith Returned
McNicoll Walter Ramsay Returned
McPhee Robert George Returned
McPherson Edward Returned
McQueen James Philip Returned
McRay Norman Returned
Nall John Spencer Returned
Napthine Vincent Herbert Returned
Nash Clement John Returned
Nayler Alexander Returned
Neilson Percy Returned
Neish Alexander Blair Returned
Neville Charles Returned
Newland Frank Returned
Newland Frank Alfred George Returned
Newman William Henry Tasman Returned
Newton Cecil John Stephen Returned
Niblett James Returned
Nicholls Harold Arthur Returned
Nicholls Harold Thomas Returned
Nicholls OE Returned
Nielsen ET Returned
Nightingale Garnet Leslie Returned
Nitchie Harry Gordon Returned
Nitchie Harold Montague Returned
Nitchie Rudolph Returned
Nitchie William Charles Returned
Nixon Leonard Henry Returned
Noble Cyril Returned
Norman Charles Henry Returned
Northfield Frederic William Returned
Nott Harold Francis Returned