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Geelong & District Returned Servicemen Oakman-Stokes

Current Location

Geelong Peace Memorial
24 Gheringhap Street - Johnstone Park

Geelong & District Returned Servicemen Oakman-Stokes

Community, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Grey marble memorial tablets skirted by bronze with engraved names painted gold. Tablets are arranged in one of nine panels and affixed to the Inner Sanctuary Wall of the Geelong Peace Memorial foyer.

Full Inscription

(4 columns of names)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Oakman Thomas Henry Returned
Oates Frank Returned
O'Brien John Deceased
O'Connor Gabriel Aloysius Returned
O'Connor John Joseph Returned
O'Connor Patrick Charles Returned
O'Connor Vincent James Returned
Ogilvie George Silvester Returned
O'Keeffe Arthur Edward Returned
O'Keeffe Richard Returned
O'Loughlin Daniel Returned
O'Neill Harry Returned
O'Neill Vibert Edgar Returned
Orchard Edgar Harold Returned
Orchard William Henry Returned
Orr William Lewis Returned
Osburn Robert Returned
Owen Percival William Returned
Page Arthur Reginald Returned
Page William Palmer Returned
Paine Duke William Returned
Paine Stephen John Returned
Paine William J Returned
Pallett Walter Henry Returned
Palmer Frank Hamilton Returned
Palmer John Returned
Palmer James Reginald Returned
Parrott Claude Lancelot Andrews Returned
Parrott Frederick Leslie Andrews Returned
Parry Hugh Joseph Returned
Paterson Bruce Returned
Pattie Percy Charles Returned
Patton Albert Returned
Payne William Robert Returned
Pender Joseph Patrick Returned
Perkins Thomas Returned
Perrett George Leslie Returned
Pescott Cecil Edward Returned
Pescott David Manners Returned
Pescud Herbert Harding Returned
Pescud Thomas Floyd Returned
Petrass Leslie Thomas Returned
Petrass William Henry Returned
Phillips Arthur Francis Returned
Philpott Walter Frank Returned
Pike George Stanley Returned
Pike John David Returned
Pilley Robert Alexander Returned
Pine Horace Colvin Returned
Pitcher Edgar William James Returned
Pitfield Percy Returned
Potter Alan Edgar Returned
Powell Elmo John Returned
Power Charles Francis Returned
Pownall George Returned
Pownall Joseph Charles William Returned
Pownall Samuel Percy George Returned
Price Columbus Leigh Returned
Price Frank Neath Returned
Profitt Victor Henry William Returned
Purdy William Osborne Returned
Purnell Bervin Ellis Returned
Purnell Frederick Charles Returned
Purnell Harold Returned
Purnell Kenneth Claud Returned
Purnell Norman Robert Returned
Quick William Richard Returned
Rabbas Harold Returned
Radford Sydney James Returned
Rand Frederick Walter Returned
Randall Horace Returned
Rankin Clifford Egerton Lore Returned
Rankine George Leopold Returned
Ratcliff Frederick Robert Returned
Read Percy James Returned
Read Thomas Chester Returned
Read William Returned
Rechenberg Charles Returned
Rechenberg John Frederick Returned
Redmond Lindsay William Joseph Returned
Reed Edgar Leslie Returned
Reeves Harold B Returned
Reid Hugh Alexander Returned
Reid Hugh Boswell Returned
Reid John Returned
Reid William James Returned
Reilly Andrew Returned
Renwood John Thomas Returned
Reynolds George Charles Returned
Reynolds Thomas Wales Peter Returned
Rhind Hector George Returned
Rich Horace John Returned
Richardson Clive Austen Returned
Richardson Frank Evan Returned
Richardson Horace Robert Returned
Richardson Lyall Returned
Richardson Roy Arthur Returned
Ricketts Arthur Herbert Returned
Ricketts William Returned
Roberts Edwin Lloyd Returned
Robertson Alexander Returned
Robertson Arthur James Returned
Robertson John Charles Returned
Robertson Percy Ernest Returned
Robertson Thomas William Returned
Robertson WGD Returned
Robinson Arthur Ernest Returned
Robinson Claude Charles Returned
Robinson Cyril Victor Returned
Robinson Joseph John Returned
Robinson William Harley Returned
Roebuck Stanley Richard Returned
Rollins Bertram Wilfred Returned
Rooke Leslie John Returned
Rooke Thomas Allen Reuben Returned
Rosewall Abel Edwin Returned
Ross Archie Returned
Ross James Andrew Returned
Ross John Charles Returned
Ross Lindsay Returned
Routley Charles Victor Returned
Routley William Roy Returned
Rowarth Frederick Returned
Rowbottom Christopher Thomas Returned
Rowe Samuel Returned
Ruffin Charles Andrew Returned
Ruffin Harry Returned
Russell Bartly Returned
Russell Charles Leslie Returned
Russell Jack Returned
Russell William Returned
Ryan Dennis Returned
Ryan Martin Bernard Returned
Sabeston Robert Returned
Sabeston William Ernest Returned
Sadler Vincent William Stewart Returned
Saffron Albert James Returned
Sandford George James Returned
Saunders Ronald Walter Returned
Saville Edward Returned
Saw George Returned
Saywell Thomas Palmer Returned
Scannell Norman James Returned
Scarborough William Henry Returned
Schefferle Norman Edwin Returned
Schofield Jack Rendle Returned
Scott Joseph Edward Returned
Scott Lawrence Samuel Returned
Scully Joseph Returned
Seargeant Alexander Deceased
Sedgwick Albert Victor Returned
Sedwick Stanley Arthur Returned
Selby Edward Victor Returned
Selby Norman Leslie Returned
Sells William Woodman Returned
Sennett Frederick Returned
Sennett Percival Annesley Frederick Returned
Shanahan James Anthony Returned
Shanahan James William Returned
Sharland James Leonard Woodruff Returned
Sharp Joseph Henry Returned
Sharpe Edward Henry Returned
Shaw Charles William Returned
Shaw Francis Joseph Returned
Shepherd Clifford Iving Returned
Sherren Leslie Bruce Returned
Sherriff Albert Victor Returned
Sherriff Ernest James Returned
Shields George Maurice Returned
Shrimpton Thomas James Returned
Simmons John Returned
Simmons Percy Returned
Simmons Vincent Stanley Returned
Simons Felix Leonard Returned
Simons Henry Harold Returned
Simpson Edgar Robert Returned
Sinclair Hugh Returned
Sinclair John Hensley Returned
Sloane Arthur Returned
Small John Lyons Lindsay Returned
Small Lindsay Alexander Robert Returned
Smellie Charles Claude Ackers Returned
Smith Albert Charles Returned
Smith Albert Victor Returned
Smith Clarence George Returned
Smith Ernest Albert Returned
Smith Ernest William Returned
Smith George Henry T Returned
Smith George James Returned
Smith Hilebert Charles Returned
Smith James Returned
Smith John Daniel Returned
Smith John William Returned
Smith Richard Edmond Returned
Smith Sydney Francis Returned
Smith Victor Francis Returned
Smith William Cedric Returned
Smythe George Henry Returned
Spark George Vincent Returned
Spendlove Harold Leslie Returned
Spendlove Stanley Charles Returned
Spendlove William Henry Returned
Spowart Eric Warren Returned
Spriggins Alfred David Returned
Spriggins Charles Lionel Returned
Stanley Arthur Vincent Returned
Steen Arthur Walter Returned
Steen William Gordon Returned
Stenning Arthur Harold Returned
Stephens Francis George Returned
Stephens Harold Stanley Returned
Stephens Malcolm Returned
Stephens Neville Returned
Stephens William Returned
Stevens Frederick Ernest Robert Returned
Stevenson Charles Andrew Returned
Stevenson William Henry Returned
Stewart John Alexander Returned
Stewart Robert Murray Returned
Stock Frederick John Mark Returned
Stokes Ernest Returned
Stokes John Returned
Stokes Robert Vincent Returned