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Geelong & District Returned Servicemen Stott-Zimmer

Current Location

Geelong Peace Memorial
24 Gheringhap Street - Johnstone Park

Geelong & District Returned Servicemen Stott-Zimmer

Community, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Grey marble memorial tablets skirted by bronze with engraved names painted gold. Tablets are arranged in one of nine panels and affixed to the Inner Sanctuary Wall of the Geelong Peace Memorial foyer.

Full Inscription

(4 columns of names)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Stott Frederick Edward Returned
Stott Keith Simeon Returned
Stott Norman Trevor Returned
Stott Walter Returned
Strachan Alexander James Returned
Stratton Alexander Francis Returned
Stratton Norman Returned
Strickland Archibald Frederick Returned
Strickland Luke Returned
Strickland Oswald Douglas Returned
Stringer Herbert Henry Returned
Strong Clive Moore Returned
Strong Claude Wilfred Douglas Returned
Stubley Frank Returned
Sturgess George Samuel Returned
Suffield Arthur Frederick Returned
Surtees Albert Returned
Sutcliffe Thomas Henry Returned
Sutterby Herbert Reginald Returned
Sutterby Tom Returned
Sweeney Jack Returned
Sweetten Eric Hector Returned
Swindells Herbert Returned
Sykes Ernest Charles Returned
Sykes Roy Archibald Returned
Symons Henry Charles Returned
Tait Arthur Christopher Returned
Taylor Arthur Reginald Returned
Taylor Charles Reginald Returned
Taylor George Ralston Returned
Taylor John Returned
Taylor Leonard Birt Returned
Taylor Leslie William Returned
Taylor Ralston George Returned
Tennyson George Audley Returned
Terria Edgar Florentine Returned
Thacker Birkwood Daniel Returned
Thacker William Ethelbert Returned
Thewlis Francis Harold Returned
Thewlis Leslie Charles Returned
Thewlis Wilfred Clarence Returned
Thomas Edward Returned
Thomas William Leonard Returned
Thomas Walter Thomas Clemons Returned
Thompson George Verner Returned
Thompson Robert James Returned
Thomson Alexander Guildford Returned
Thomson John Philip Samuel Returned
Thomson Robert Returned
Thorley Herbert Returned
Thorley Percival Reuben Returned
Thorley Reginald James Returned
Thorley William Edward Returned
Thorne Leslie George Returned
Thorpe Linton V Returned
Thorpe Victor G Returned
Tomkins Edward George Returned
Tomkins Thomas Returned
Tough James Returned
Toyne Gilbert Returned
Toyne Harold Returned
Treble Jack Dallas Returned
Tregear Charles Returned
Trevaskis Frank Edward Returned
Trevaskis Henry Returned
Trewheela George Thomas Returned
Trewin Walter Thomas Returned
Treyvaud Hector Charles Henry Returned
Trigg Fred Returned
Trigg Harold Charles Returned
Tucker Charles Henry Returned
Tucker Leslie Charles Returned
Tucker Leslie Robert Returned
Tullis Austruther Melville Returned
Turnbull Herbert Weir Returned
Turnbull John Henry Llewellyn Returned
Turnbull John William Returned
Turner George Henry Returned
Tuxon Charles Tobias Returned
Tweedie John Anderson Returned
Tyack Arthur Leslie Returned
Urquhart Colin Returned
Viccars Harry Robert Returned
Viccars Leslie Joseph Returned
Viccars Stewart McDougal Returned
Vienet Harold Alexander Returned
Vienna Matthew Returned
Vigar Charles Frank Returned
Villinger Albert Joseph Returned
Villinger George James Returned
Villinger Gordon Patrick Returned
Vincent Robert Trevor Returned
Vines Arthur Alexander Returned
Wadmore William James Returned
Walker David Stanley Returned
Walker Reginald Thomas Returned
Walker William Henry Returned
Wall Arthur Stanley Returned
Wall Harold Victor Returned
Wallace Benjamin Returned
Wallace David Hamond Returned
Wallace Edgar Arthur Returned
Wallace Herbert James Returned
Wallace Joshua Ormond Returned
Walley William John Returned
Walsh Joseph Returned
Walshe-Howling Francis William Returned
Walton William John Returned
Ward Alexander Returned
Ward Charles Francis Returned
Ward George Albert Returned
Ward William Returned
Wardrop William Cowie Kean Returned
Warner Ernest Returned
Warner Keith Malcolm Returned
Warren Arthur Returned
Warren Geoffrey DCM Returned
Warren George Norman Returned
Warren Percival Returned
Washington Elijah Daniel Returned
Watchman Nathan Returned
Watson John George Returned
Watson Stanley Raymond Returned
Watts William Henry Returned
Waugh Arthur George Returned
Webb John Returned
Webber Edmund Returned
Welch David Egerton Returned
West Roy Thomas William Returned
West Walker Returned
White John Cyril Returned
White John Thomas Returned
White Percival Frederick Returned
Whitehand John Henry Leslie Returned
Whitehand Stanley Victor Returned
Whitehand Walter Returned
Whitten Victor Albert Returned
Whitten William Henry Returned
Whittington Leonard Thomas Returned
Whittington Victor James Returned
Wiffen Arthur George Returned
Wighton James Robert Nichol Returned
Wigley Richard Sylvester Returned
Wilkins Francis Herbert Returned
Wilkinson Percy Returned
Williams Arthur John Returned
Williams David Returned
Williams Ernest James Returned
Williams George David Returned
Williams Joseph Arthur Returned
Williams Joseph John Returned
Williams Leslie Returned
Williams Trevor Returned
Williams Thomas Haines Returned
Willis Joseph Leslie Returned
Wills William Simond Returned
Wilson Alexander Vance Returned
Wilson David Temple Palmerston Returned
Wilson Frank Forster Returned
Wilson Lawrence Stanley Returned
Wilson Robert Clarence Returned
Wilson William Sydney W Returned
Windmill Frederick Charles Returned
Windmill Josiah Returned
Winkler Leslie Ernest Returned
Winstanley Edward Norman Returned
Winstanley Francis William Returned
Winstanley Roy Marshall Returned
Winter Leonard George Returned
Wise Bertie Returned
Wolfe Robert Mather Returned
Wolfe William Returned
Wood Geoffrey Stephenson Returned
Wood Leslie Albert Returned
Wood Ronald Alfred Returned
Woods Alfred Charles Returned
Woods Brian Rosse Returned
Woods George Edward Returned
Woods Robert Walton Returned
Woolvett Lionel Robert Returned
Worland Victor Oswald Returned
Wynn Aubrey Cyril Returned
Yates Charles Returned
Yates Thomas Returned
Young Campbell James Returned
Young Herbert Returned
Young Harold Horace Returned
Young John Joseph Returned
Young Sidney James Returned
Zimmer Albert Ernest Returned
Zimmer William James Returned