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Geelong & District Fallen Servicemen Alsop-Long

Current Location

Geelong Peace Memorial
24 Gheringhap Street - Johnstone Park

Geelong & District Fallen Servicemen Alsop-Long

Community, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Grey marble memorial tablets over black marble. Tablets are arranged in one of nine panels and affixed to the Inner Sanctuary Wall of the Geelong Peace Memorial foyer. A grey marble plaque below the names marks the unveiling of the entire nine panels of tablets.

Full Inscription




(4 columns of names)





G.C.M.G., K.C.B., V.D., ETC

31ST OCTOBER 1926.


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Alsop Frederick Benedict Died
Altman Charles Died
Anderson Albert Naples Died
Anderson Alfred Victor Died
Anderson Charles Leslie Wallace Died
Anderson John Died
Anstee William Died
Argent Walter Robert Died
Arnold Charles Francis Died
Ash Herbert Oswald Died
Askew Alfred William Died
Atkins Frederick Allen Died
Bailey Leslie Charles Died
Barber William Ernest Died
Barclay Sidney Edward Died
Barling Henry Joseph Alexander Died
Barling Hugie Stanley Died
Barnfather Andrew Ernest Ralph Died
Bartlett Frederick William Died
Bechervaise Noel Edward Died
Bell David Archibald Died
Birch Hubert Ivett Died
Black Noel James Died
Boardman Harold Died
Bourke L Died
Bowden Alfred Harlow Died
Bowden Ernest Died
Brame Charles Henry Died
Breguet Justin Hercules Died
Briggs Harold Died
Bromley Alfred Joseph Died
Brown W Died
Bryan James William Died
Bryant Norman Hartley Died
Bulch Thomas Died
Burgess Eric Died
Burgess Joseph Bird Died
Burke Thomas Desmond Died
Burn Harold Thomas Died
Burn Norman Died
Burridge RC Died
Bush Edwin George Died
Brownbill Leslie Wyndham Died
Cairns William Died
Camp Cyril Kaufmann Died
Campbell Neil Leslie Died
Campbell William Ronald Died
Cane George Allan Died
Carr Eric Thomas Walter Died
Carr Reginald Fred Cooper Died
Carr Stanley John Died
Carroll Patrick Died
Casey Leslie John Phillip Died
Cations Maurice Died
Catron William GT Died
Challis Charles Henry Died
Challis Edwin Died
Challis Sydney Gordon Died
Chalmers James McDonald Died
Charles Robert William Died
Christie James Skene Died
Cocking Thomas Edward Died
Coe Albert Victor Died
Collins Erskine Gilbert Died
Collins William James Died
Connor Adrian Ambrose Died
Connor Henry Malvern Died
Connor John George Died
Cook Henry George Died
Cook Mervyn John Died
Cooper Rupert John Died
Croft Arthur Peter Died
Crosthwaite Robert Oswald Died
Crowl Joseph Terrell Died
Culliver Ernest Edward Died
Cunningham Trevor Russell Died
Curtis Robert James Died
Cust Leslie George Died
Daniel John L Died
Chamberlain HC Died
Daniel JL Died
Dardel Aurel Louis Died
Davidson Frank Stanley Died
Davis Ewart William Died
Day Norman Frank Died
Dearnley Alexander Vincent Died
Decker Arnold William Charles Died
Deller Leslie Charles Died
Denham Thomas Francis Died
Dickman William Adam Died
Dickson Archibald David Died
Dimsey-Trotter Lyle Sanderson Died
Dodds James Tasman Died
Donohue Joseph Died
Douglas Frederick Charles Died
Douglas Roy Andrew Frederick Died
Douglass George Percival Died
Downie James Charles Gordon Died
Doyle John Francis Died
Duncan Lyell Leonard Died
Duncan Wallace Bruce Died
Dunt Frank Ulrie Died
Dupe Charles Stanley Died
Earle Arthur Percy Died
Elliott Alexander David Died
Elliott Douglas Allen Died
Ellis Leslie George Died
England Laurence Wylfred Died
Erikson John Died
Everett Geoffrey James Died
Fagan John Died
Fegan Norman Joseph Died
Fergus Ray Robert Died
Finlay Robert Died
Fleet Arthur Gunn Died
Fletcher Edward Douglas Died
Foote Alexander Died
Fowler Walter Died
Freeman Harvey Died
Gell Francis Joseph Died
Gell Rupert Edgar Died
George John Stawell Died
George Stanley Willis Died
Gillahan Leo Died
Gillin John Leslie Died
Giroud Leslie Died
Glew Clarence Rupert Died
Glew William Arthur Died
Gogoll Charles Harold Died
Goodwin Francis Willie Died
Gowty Kenneth Harold Died
Gradner William Died
Grant James Loughman Died
Gray Fredrich William Died
Gray George Richarby Died
Gray Harold Died
Grenfell Clifton Riversdale Died
Grey Henry Died
Grieve John Alexander Died
Griffiths Thomas Died
Grigg Arthur James Died
Grigg Phillip George Frederick Died
Gross George Frederick Died
Grundell Peter Died
Guyett Herbert Arthur Died
Hall William Phillip Died
Hambling Horace Robert Died
Harrison Alan Died
Harrison Albert Ernest Died
Harrison John Louis Died
Harrison Thomas Sidney Died
Harvey Arthur James Died
Haughton Thomas Henry Eric Died
Hawkesworth Herbert Edwin Died
Hawkins John Aaron Died
Hendy Edward Percival Died
Henry Arthur Milton Died
Henry John Robert Died
Hickinbotham Claude Walker Died
Higgins James Ingerril Died
Hodges Robert Isaac Died
Holmes Frederick John Died
Holmes George Piggott Died
Hood Percival Frederick Died
Hooper Ernest Jesse Joseph Died
Horwood Claude Harold Died
Howarth FC Died
Howlett John Bertram Died
Hunter Francis Charles Ernest Died
Huxley Arthur Thomas Died
Hyatt George James Died
James Leslie Joseph Died
Jarvie Peter Arthur Died
Jasper Bernard Died
Jennings Albert Edward Died
Johnson Percy Died
Jones Clive Lloyd Died
Jones Thomas Taliesin Died
Julian Robert David Died
Kelly MJ Died
Kearney Daniel Timothy J Died
Keenan Cyril Patrick Died
Kelynack Edgar Henry Lowe Died
Kennedy Leslie Frederick Died
Kitchen Frank Glanfield Died
Knight Rupert William Died
Lamb John James Died
Lambert Leonard Clement Died
Landy William Joseph Died
Lane Arthur Jefferson Died
Lane William Gladstone Died
Lee Frederick James Died
Lennox Harold Marshall Died
Lennox Robert Thomas Died
Levien Cyril Benjamin Died
Little Albert Eric Died
Long Albert Died