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Geelong & District Fallen Servicemen MacDonald-Zimmer

Current Location

Geelong Peace Memorial
24 Gheringhap Street - Johnstone Park

Geelong & District Fallen Servicemen MacDonald-Zimmer

Community, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Grey marble memorial tablets over black marble. Tablets are arranged in one of nine panels and affixed to the Inner Sanctuary Wall of the Geelong Peace Memorial foyer.

Full Inscription




(4 columns of names)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
MacDonald Neil Died
MacDonald Norman Died
MacDonald Robert Died
MacDougall Lachlan Died
Mackay George Walter Hamilton Died
Madden Norman John Died
Maddern John Stanley Died
Mann John Norman Died
Martin Edwin McAllister Died
Martin Stanberry William Died
Matthews Roy Howard Marden Died
May Allan Died
Mayo George A Died
Middleton Stanley John Died
Miles John Coster Died
Miller Alexander Died
Minifie Percival Carl Died
Monkovitch Luke Died
Moorfoot Percival Edward Died
Moreton Archibald Herbert Died
Morgan William Thomas Died
Muir Ian Died
Mulconry Samuel Joseph Died
Mullen Edward Vincent Died
Muller Alfred Victor Died
Mulligan Cornelius Leo Died
Munday Neil Joseph Died
Murray Robert Norman Died
Murray William Died
Myors David James Died
McAuley Edmund Gordon Died
McCann David Ernest Died
McCartin Leo Aloysius Died
McCooke John Died
McCrae Alexander Daniel Died
McGann Henry Norman Died
McGee Charles Stanley Died
McIldowie John Died
McIntyre George Joseph Died
McIntyre Daniel Horatio Died
McKibbin John Died
McKinnon John Alexander Died
McLean Alexander Leslie Died
McLean Victor Henry Died
McOuat Walter Edward Died
Neville Louis Died
Nicholson Robert Hugh Died
Nielsen Christian Oswald Died
Nitchie James Louis Died
Nitchie Leslie Hector Died
Noble Reginald John Died
Noseda Paul Rudolf Died
Nott Leslie Norman Died
Oke Norman Richard Died
Oldroyd Wilfred Arthur Died
O'Neill James Francis Died
Opie Edgar Died
Palmer Edward A Died
Palmer Stanley Died
Parker Ivan Leslie Died
Parker Leonard Died
Patterson Frederick Gordon Died
Paul John Henry Died
Payne Francis William Died
Pearson Stanley Robert George Died
Pender James Robert Died
Pike Clyde Henley Died
Pilley Alfred George Died
Pillow Henry Fenton Died
Pillow Roy Nelson Died
Pittock Herbert William Died
Pizer Edward Died
Plumridge David Henry Died
Pont Norman Frederick Died
Pont Robert James Died
Potter William Died
Powell Norman Henry Victor Died
Preisig Frederick Died
Price Roland Valentine Died
Profitt John Walter Charles Died
Purnell Francis Ormond Died
Purnell Henry William Died
Rankine Walter Crossley Died
Reeves Leslie Charles Died
Reeves Robert Edward Died
Reid James Alexander Died
Reid Ronald Died
Renwood John James Died
Renwood John Joseph Died
Roberts Leonard Edmund Wadsworth Died
Rhind James Morison Died
Rich Claude Ernest Oscar Died
Richardson Stanley Died
Robertson William Henry Gladstone Died
Robertson Wilfred Vivian Died
Roebuck Albert Kenneth Died
Roebuck Francis Henry Died
Rollins Karl Joseph Died
Ross Allan Hector Died
Rowe Percival Died
Ryan Donald Died
Sadler Henry Died
Sadler Hector Alfred Died
Sadler Norman Henry Died
Salt Ernest Talbot Died
Salt Jack Henry Died
Sayers Victor Herbert Died
Saywell Charles William Died
Sceney Charles Gainger Died
Sells Jack Died
Shearer Alexander Died
Shelly William Patrick Died
Sherriff Percival John Died
Shrimpton Francis John Died
Silk Harold Arthur Died
Simmons Edgar H Died
Slater Joseph H Died
Smith Charles Henry Died
Smith Francis Peter Died
Smith Harold Ernest Died
Smith Walter Manly Died
Spendlove Albert George Died
Stephens Lindsay Died
Stewart George Allen Died
Stewart Pentylyn Charles Died
Stirling Walter Robert Died
Stoate Robert John Died
Storrer Charles Murray Died
Storrer Henry Haigh Died
Stott Claude Arnott Died
Stripling Richard Thomas Henry Died
Sullivan James Died
Sunderland Henry James Died
Sutton Ernest VS Died
Syer Frederick Marvin Died
Synot Myles Henry Walter Died
Taylor Charles Fredric Died
Thomas James Russell Died
Thomas Walter Geoffrey Died
Thompson John William Died
Thomson George William Died
Thorley Leslie Died
Trigg Raymond Leslie Died
Trounce William George Died
Turner Thomas Died
Turnbull James Walker Died
Tweedie James Died
Vale Robert Charles Died
Viccars Harry Stanley Died
Vienet GL Died
Vienna Emmanuel Died
Vienna William George Died
Wakefield James Robert Died
Walker George Hartley Died
Wallace Charles Thomas Died
Walshe-Howlng Gerald Patrick Died
Walters Harry Raymond Died
Watt William Died
Westaway Harold Windsor Died
Wheelens Clifford Knapsey Died
White Gordon Thomas Died
Whitehand Robert Gilbert Died
Wilkins Frederick James Died
Williams Ivan Arthur Died
Williams Percival Tasman Died
Willis Thomas Norman Died
Wilson Alan Brook Died
Wilson Robert McLaughlan Died
Wise George Weller Died
Woods William Potter Died
Wootton Alfred John Died
Worth Sydney Herbert Died
Wrathall Henry Stephen Died
Wyatt Charles John Died
Younger Charles Henry Died
Young David William Died
Zimmer William Herman Died