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Lethbridge Roll of Honor

Current Location

Lethbridge Public Hall
25 Russell Street

Lethbridge Roll of Honor

Community, Golden Plains Shire

Board Description

Large wide wooden honour board. A full description will be provided as soon as the board has been photographed and names will be corrected. According to reports the board is made of polished Australian maple and was the gift of Norman Matheson of Moranghurk Estate. SOURCE: Geelong Advertiser 14 April 1920.

Full Inscription


1914 LETHBRIDGE 1919

(Details will be further described)

(2 columns of names)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Bourke C
Bourke D
Bourke N
Bourke W
Coleman F
Davies EC
Farrelly PJ
Goggin ML
Harris DW
Haywood WC
Hills H
Horwood GC
Johnson A
Lynch TJ
Caffrey J
MacDonald GG
McDonald D
McGillivray A
McGillivray J
McGillivray MM
McKinnon AC
McMahon JJ
Martin EC
Maynard HC
Nash CJ
Noble C
O'Connell J
Sharpley E
Spiller HS
Stead HG
Tuffs RB