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Salvation Army Geelong Corps Members Who Served

Current Location

Last known location: Salvation Army Hall, Malop Street

Salvation Army Geelong Corps Members Who Served

Service Group, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Based on a black and white newsprint image (partially reproduced at left) the board has an arched and notched top with painted symbols including the Union Jack and Salvation Army logo. SOURCE: News of the Week, 8 August 1918.

Full Inscription

European War.

1914 191



(2 columns of names)

(Star symbol) DENOTES KILLED.


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Erikson J Pte. Killed
Jones R Pte.
Madill E Pte.
Madill A Pte.
Nixon L Pte.
Cook H Pte.
Burns R Pte.
Anderson LJ Pte., A.B. Killed
Norman H Pte.
Aitchison E Pte. Killed
Wallace D Pte.
Feldman F Pte.
Camp E Pte.
Bowden AH Pte. Killed
Bowden WH Pte.
Kennedy H Pte.
Harrison JL Lieut. Killed
Hocking E Pte.
Palmer J Pte.
Bubb F Pte.
Erikson C Pte.
Martin E Pte.
Beamond W Lieut.
Carmichael H Pte.
Hambling H Pte. Killed
Hambling W Pte.
Tyler B Pte.
Bruton W Pte.
Thorley P Pte.
Thorley R Pte.
Hyatt A Pte.
Hyatt E Pte.
Grigg G Pte. Killed
Malcolm J Pte.
Henry E Pte.
Henry R Pte.
Stoate J Pte.
Tyler P Pte.
Bennett H Pte.
Barling W Pte.
Carmichael W Pte.
Carroll G Pte.
Perry H Pte.
Martin C Pte.