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Donaghy's Rope Works Honour Roll

Current Location

Last known location: M. Donaghy & Son's Rope Works, Pakington Street
Geelong West

Donaghy's Rope Works Honour Roll

Industry, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

An image of this board has not been identified. Names were recorded by the Geelong Family History Group. This description will be updated if any further information is found.

Full Inscription



Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Abell HS
Bailey RF
Burgess L
Burr SW
Cameron ER
Chandler L
Collins T
Collins W
Connell L
Cook M
Cook W
Craven D
Crole Gladys
Daffy WJ
Darrah D
Dart AF
Davey N
Davey PJ
Donaghy JH
Donaghy MF
Duncombe G
Kennison Shirley
Kniebusch A
McAuliffe R
McDonnell ED
McLean IC
McLean J
Methven SC
Moorfoot P
Morris A
Morrison AR
Morrison JN
Muir A
Walker KG
Waugh L
Wearmouth L
Wells W
Welsh W
White L
Woods PW
Zierk GC
Zula Ruth
Ellingsen P
Fagan J
Ferguson A DCM
Ferguson W
Fleming DS
Ganley D
Gilham RK
Gill Zoe
Glynn FA
Gogoll C
Grace HJ
Griffiths H
Grigsby Harriet
Hair JR
Heard HG
Helmore C
Herd Eileen
Hicks JJ
Hooper HG
Houghton RE
Howe C
Hunter L
Johnston AM
Lacey L
Lane RO
Lauder DH
Lewin R
Lubkie E
Martin S
Martini F
Mason G
Napthine V
O'Regan R
Panozzo G
Pollard WJ
Powell J
Power K
Price G
Ranthe JM
Richards R
Robertson L
Sanders LJ
Shiells P
Smith CA
Suhan L
Sydenham HA
Thompson B
Thompson J
Thompson NE
Thurecht N
Tomlinson W
Young LF