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Comunn Na Feinne Roll of Honor

Current Location

Last known location: Comunn Na Feinne Hall, 165 Yarra Street

Comunn Na Feinne Roll of Honor

Social Group, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Based on a black and white newsprint image (taken from microfilm and reproduced at left) this board has a gradual curve at the top with prominent columns, painted flags and banners. SOURCE: News of the Week, 2 March 1916. There may be more names than shown in this photo, a report states that the board would be added to and increased to 60 names. SOURCE: Geelong Advertiser, 7 June 1917.

Full Inscription


Enlisted for the European War 1914-1918


(4 columns of names)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Russell Philip
Leitch JB
Galbraith WJ
McCauley K
Reid A
Jackson J
Buchanan C
Murray W
Fraser R
Niblett J
Wilson A
Smith J
Ross D
McIntosh W
McLennan C
Sedgwick B
Harper H
Fraser J
Gray L
Tait WG
Volum R
McFarlane HG
Wardrop W
McLaughlan WJ
McWilson K
Spencer M
McRae J
Ramsay R
McKenzie FG
Callander S
Colclough JG
Grant JA
Tosh W
Sayer D
Reid A
Grieve JA
McNeil AT
Volum G
Brownlee G
Anderson L
Cameron JA
Galbraith AV
McNeil L