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Corio Division OST No 1 Roll of Honor

Current Location

Last known location: Temperance Hall, Ryrie Street

Corio Division OST No 1 Roll of Honor

Church Group, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Based on a black and white newsprint image (taken from microfilm and partially reproduced at left) this appears to be a small wooden honour board with large notches carved in the top and featuring a painted triangle - symbol of the temperance movement. SOURCE: News of the Week, 27 July 1916.

Full Inscription

No. 1.

O. S. T.



(2 columns of names)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Sykes R
Hambling GC
Mansfield WJ
Foot H or M
Dickson J
Stott FE
Blackney E
Reeves L
Worth S
Turnbull HW
Turnbull JW
Turnbull Jas.
Marshall S
Millgate J
Rankin C
Miller T
Degenhardt F
Myors J
Trigg R
Martin S
Sharp P
Sayers DA
Viccars H
Murray RN
Ratcliff F
Oke NR
Hall G
Heasman H
Connor AA
Barlsh G
Kitchen R