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Flinders State School Honor Roll

Current Location

Last known location: Flinders State School, 2 Lt. Ryrie Street

Flinders State School Honor Roll

School Community, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Based on a black and white newsprint image (taken from microfilm and partially reproduced at left) this is a large wooden honour board in landscape form. SOURCE: News of the Week, 10 August 1916.

Full Inscription


SCHOOL No. 260.


1914 19

(5 columns of names)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Beals W
Bailey L
Barnfather R
Brooks V
Britter H
Brown G
Blackney E
Beach H
Birch W
Birch H
Cavanagh B
Cavanagh E
Crowle T
Cust L
Clarence WL
Clarke H
Drew H
Dunt F
Dickins R
Davidson H
Davidson N
Evans S
Evans N
Freeman N
Fraser R
Floyd M
Fleming C
Galbraith W
Glenister W
Grenfell S
Grenfell C
Giroud G
Gell R
Harding L
Hoggart W
Heath S
Hagger RA
Hagger LA
Hagger Geo. L
Hunter F
Higgins W
Homfray N
Howat I
Howat G
Hambling W
Hambling H
Ibbotson V
Jackson A
Kelly A
Lawry C
Lawry L
Lowe C
Lowday R
Lund E
McIntosh W
Mitchell M
Mills B
Mills R
Murray T
Miller E
Nicholson R
Nicholson L
Nicholls H
Nott L
Purnell O
Purnell H
Palmer E
Page R
Parrott F
Potter E
Rich H
Rich C
Robinson W
Reeves B
Reid A
Shrimpton F
Sedgwick A
Smith W
Smith G
Slater J
Thorley L
Thorley A
Thorley W
Thorley P
Thorley R
Thornton R
Treyvaud H
Turnbull H
Turnbull J
Turnbull Jas.
Wallace E
Wood J
Warren G
Worth S
Walker S
Brownbill W
Pillow H
Spendlove S