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South Geelong State School Honor Roll

Current Location

Last known location: South Geelong Primary School, 200 Yarra Street

South Geelong State School Honor Roll

School Community, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

A news report describes the honour board as Queensland maple, containing 91 names (only 90 names appear to be in the published list) and unveiled at the Comunn Na Feinne Hall before being put on permanent display at the school. SOURCE: Geelong Advertiser, 16 December 1916.

Full Inscription


(91 names thought to be inscribed)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Aldridge A
Kerger F
Hambling GC Wounded
Sutterby T
Ibbotson AV
McHugh C Wounded
Milliken F
Milliken D
Gell FJ
Gell RE
Audsley JD
Audsley PR
Buchanan G Wounded
Buchanan P
Ballantyne H
Dyson E
Fewier W
Pilley A
Pilley P
Kenshole L
McQueen P
Symons W
Floyd M
Currie AJ
Newland F
McDonald E
McKenna H
Price CR Wounded
Smith R
Worth SH Killed
Thomson JPS
Thomson RH Wounded
Thomson AG Wounded
Thomson GW Killed
Cameron J
Cameron A
Bruhn S
Bruhn N
Moody R
Moody V
Lowday R
Hirst H Wounded
Hirst I
Hirst N
Little E
Little R
Fivash A
Armour E
Ringger? AO
Jennings A Wounded
Orchard WH
Fleet WJ
Fleet DG
Fleet AG Killed
McLean F Killed
Turnbull J
Patterson D
McCauley J
Hyatt LC
Taylor CF Killed
Routley V
Steen J Wounded
Eason A
Watts WH
Congdon C Wounded
McCarthy J Wounded
Ricketts W
Callander FJ
Callander SC Wounded
Croft AP Wounded
Heal A
Bubb C
Jackson RG
Digby CT
Sceney CG
Pownall G
Noble C
Townsend HG
Howells EJ Wounded
Brearley MS
Rainford WJ
McDonald S
Smith E
Smith W
Rashleigh GF
Rashleigh CR
Drayton WR
Abbott H
McDonald JSH
Squires GG