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Central College Honor Roll

Current Location

Last known location: Central College, Knowle House, 6 Skene Street

Central College Honor Roll

School Community, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Described as polished Queensland maple, the gift of the Old Collegians' Association, the board contained 54 names with space to add anyone not included. SOURCE: Geelong Advertiser, 10 July 1920.

Full Inscription



Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Anderson Stewart Killed in Action
Baker James
Bell Burleigh
Bell Harold G Killed in Action
Bell Reginald Killed in Action
Buckland P Percy
Dancey William
Davey Bramwell
Durran Lindsay
Elden Claude
England Gilbert
Fegan Norman
Finn Charles N
Fogarty Frank
Foster Donald
Gatliff Penrose
Godfrey Arthur
Grigsby Harry
Hearne Kenneth
Heath Samuel
Hennessy Frank
Hewitt Percy
Hooper Ernest Killed in Action
Jackson Lewis
James Ernest
Kennedy John
King Reginald
Leckie Harry
Lowe Vivian
Middleton Stan J Killed in Action
Middleton Hubert
Middleton William
Munday Neil
Munday James
Nash Clement
O'Brien Michael
Patten Albert
Philpott Walter F
Ritchie James
Ritchie Norna
Ritchie Frederick
Robertson Joshua
Ryan Denis
Storrer HH Killed in Action
Storrer Murray Killed in Action
Surman Thomas
Taylor Leslie
Taylor Reginald
Trebilcock Richard E
Tully Leo
Webb Hugh
Welch David
Wright Frederick Killed in Action
Zimmer William H Killed in Action