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Drysdale State School Honor Roll

Current Location

Drysdale RSL
13 Princess Street

Drysdale State School Honor Roll

School Community, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Large wooden honour board with black painted lettering. Under the arched top are two carved crossed rifles flanked by carved leaves. The names are flanked by two plain wooden columns.

Full Inscription



(3 columns of names)

Drysdale S. S. – No. 1645

Those marked (asterisk symbol) have made the Supreme Sacrifice.


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Allin WS
Anderson J
Anderson LS
Anderson A Killed
Ashworth HP
Barrand EW
Barrand R
Barrand S
Barrand L
Barrand R
Beckley R
Benham HA
Benham F Killed
Benham HC
Benham R Killed
Bennett L
Butcher H
Butcher E
Carlson TJ Killed
Carlson L
Carlson CJ
Clarke TL Killed
Coster E
Davis S Killed
Drake SJ
Ferguson DM
Anderson L
Bailey CJ
Bailey W
Irwin E
Loats V
Ferguson WR
Foster EC
Foster LI Killed
Foster AL
Found TN
Gallop T
Grigg DM
Grigg N
Grigg A
Harding CJ
Hayes M
Hayes T
Jennings L
Kearns L Killed
Kenny F
Kilby CJ
Kilby A
Lamont R
Lindegar W
Loats W Killed
Lowe TR Killed
Lyons C Killed
Matchan W
Matchan G
Matthews E
Matthews H
Ray T
Turner S Killed
Wiffen W
Wiffen B
Wiffen H
Matthews HY Killed
McIntyre AW
Nash H
Nash A
Norville V
Peel F
Peel S
Peel K
Peel H Killed
Reynolds T
Rodgers A
Rodgers E
Searl S
Smith P
Stewart J
Thomas C
Thompson E Killed
Toleman W Killed
Turner L Killed
Waterson H Killed
West R
Whitcombe R
Wiffen A
Wiffen W
Wiffen F Killed
Wisbey R
Williams P
Whitcombe JB
Taylor R
Hibbert F Killed
Found Jas
Reynolds Jas