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Bellarine Shire Council Roll of Honor

Current Location

Drysdale RSL
13 Princess Street

Bellarine Shire Council Roll of Honor

Community, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Large wooden honour board with gold painted lettering. Under the title is a gold wreath flanked by two flags, the Red ensign on the left and the Union Jack on the right. On either side of the WW1 roll are names of those involved in other Australian conflicts.

Full Inscription




(5 columns of names – flanked either side by names of those who served in subsequent conflicts)


World War II and subsequent conflicts were unveiled by National President of the Returned Services League

October 27th 1991 – Brigadier Alf Garland A.M. R/L



Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Allin WS
Anderson AJ Killed
Anderson AK
Anderson J MM BAR
Anderson LG
Armytage SF
Ashworth P
Bailey C
Bailey WS
Barrand EW
Barrand LC
Barrand R
Barrand R
Barrand S
Beckley RN
Benham AH
Benham FR Killed
Benham HE
Benham RA Killed
Benham LT
Boyle TM
Butcher ED
Butcher HG
Carlson CJ
Carlson IAR
Carlson TJ Killed
Carver RS
Clarke LS Killed
Close S
Coster E
Coster WS
Davis HS MinD Killed
Davis B
Devlin B Killed
Devlin FF
Devlin GF Killed
Docking C
Drake SJ
Ferguson DM
Ferguson WR
Flatt A
Foster AL
Foster EC
Foster LI Killed
Dound J
Found TN
Fox M Killed
Gallop TD
Grigg OD
Grigg NC
Grigg WA
Hall HJ
Harding C
Harding HW
Harding JN
Hayes TH
Hayes M
Hibbert F Killed
Irwin E
Jennings LR
Jenkins R
Johnstone WS
Kearns L Killed
Kenny F
Kilby AC MM
Kilby C
Kirwin MJ
Lamont R
Loats W Killed
Loats V
Lindegar W
Lowe TR Killed
Lunn GF
Lyons C Killed
Madden R
Madden N Killed
Matchan GF
Matchan W
Matthews E
Matthews HY Killed
Matthews H
Menzies WC
Moffat FA Killed
McCulloch M
McCullogh GF
McCullogh S
McIntrye AW
McLaren B
McLaren J
Nash HM
Nash AO
Niblett AM
Niblett JB
Niblett RN
Niblett SW
Niblett TA
Osborne H
Peel F
Peel H Killed
Peel KE
Peel S
Petrass L
Philpott RAN
Ray T
Reynolds JE
Reynolds T
Rodgers AJ
Rodgers EA
Searl SNS
Simmons V
Smith P
Stewart J
Swansborough P
Taylor R
Thompson EW Killed
Toleman W Killed
Thomas C
Trinnick E
Turner L Killed
Turner SG Killed
Vines AA
Waterson HS Killed
Welsh T Killed
West R
Whelan J
Whitcombe JB
Whitcombe FA
White AE
White JJ
Wiffen FE Killed
Wiffen AE
Wiffen H Killed
Wiffen B
Wiffen W
Williams P
Winfield P MM
Wisbey RT
Anderson LT
Ash HA
Ash HO Killed
Ash VT
Barker CE
Beardon C
Bell E Killed
Bell J Killed
Black N Killed
Blackwell W POW
Bonnett H
Bonnett L
Brinsmead F
Brinsmead RJ Killed
Brooks TV
Brooks RO
Brame C Killed
Brame R
Brown WJ
Cain O
Cain W Killed
Caple J
Caple W
Collins W
Coots J
Churches C
Church A
Cheetham N Killed
Craig HA
Culliver E Killed
Dale GF
Dale W
Davis J
Dendle AE
Dickson H
Duncan W Killed
English GC Killed
Ensby ECO
Fitzgerald KJ
Forbes V
Freeman J Killed
Grant W
Grigg ETM
Grigg G
Grinter C MM MinD
Grinter R
Hargreaves E Killed
Harrower L
Henry A
Howard A
Hooper J
Howarth C Killed
Hickinbotham A
Hickinbotham C Killed
Hickinbotham CW
Hilton A
Higgins J Killed
Humphries HWE
Jinks W
Johnstone PA Killed
Jones A MM
Larkin RR
Larkins TJ
Lamont KE
Lewis HC Killed
Lewis HJ
Lewis VW
Lucas FE
Lucas FJ
Lucas HFA
Lyne JE
Lyne R Killed
Martin L
Mason F MM Killed
Maxwell CW
Maxwell RJ
May R
Miles JC Killed
Miles J
Milner W
Moller ECO Killed
Morrison A
Murdock WF
McKay AG
McKay W
McWilliams F
Nancarrow AC
Olsen A
Pacey WJ
Pannowitz H
Phillips CR Killed
Phillips FR Killed
Phillips H
Proffitt JWC Killed
Proffitt V
Raymond A Killed
Richardson AR
Richardson H
Richardson Omd Killed
Richardson Ocd
Richmond L
Rollins M Killed
Rollins P Killed
Rhind H
Rhind J Killed
Saddler OJ
Scott P
Shepherd CI
Sims R Killed
Silk TE
Spinks H
Sutterby R
Sutterby T
Syer M Killed
Thomas H
Thompson H
Trebilcock F
Trebilcock RE
Turner A
Twitt F
Twitt FT Killed
Twitt GWJ
Warren R
Warnock J
Wellings T
Willis TN Killed
Wilkin F
Wilkin FC
Whittington VJ
Menzies A
Petrass W
Stephens H
Allen J
Allen JN Killed
Allen RH
Allen RJ Killed
Allen W
Allin F
Banks H POW
Barclay J
Beattie D
Benning CI
Biggs AJ
Biggs E Sister
Brown M
Brown P
Bryant LC MM
Burkett T MC
Burns A Killed
Burns EJ
Capron S
Carson J
Cherry PH VC Killed
Childes J Killed
Crockford W
Crigan WC
Cooke RA
Cooney J
Cox W
Curnow R
Davis E
Davis H
Davis T
Dendle H
Dorgan WE
Eldin CI
Fargher A
Ford W MM
Fogarty F
Gardner AV
Gerard G
Giblett C Killed
Giles J
Gilbert A Killed
Gilbert C
Gilbert J
Gradner A Killed
Gradner W Killed
Graham LC
Gray JE Killed
Greenfield R Killed
Gubbins W
Harding C
Hay C
Hammond W
Henderson C Killed
Henderson W
Hibbert J Killed
Hibbert M
Higgins J
Hocking A
Hocking C
Holland P
Hood DA
Hood ED Killed
Hood JL Killed
Hood WJ
Hohenfelds F MM
Holmes TW
Holden A
Holden F
Huckle H
Hughes A
Hughes G
Hughes W
Hutchings D
Hutchings J
Ibbotson A
Ibbotson T
Inihoff T
Jennings B
Johnstone AE
Jones LT
Jordan R
Keddell CC
Kent JT
Landry S
Langdon W
Lindstrom E
Lincoln JE Killed
Lincoln W DCM
Lukey A
Lukey W
Marchant L
Marchant R Killed
Marmo L
Martin G
Martin W
Martinson F
Martinson L
Milner PJ
Minahan J
McDonald E MM
McDonald PE
McDonald VL
McLean D
McLean H Killed
McLean J
McLean K
McLean Robt
McLean Rold
McLean RJ Killed
McLean V
McRae D
Nethersole CC
Nichol B
Nichol LYLE
Noakes B Killed
Noakes M
Orchard W
O'Connor Jag
O'Connor JN
O'Connor M
O'Connor W
Party D MM
Peacock J
Pemberton AE
Phillips G
Phillips EJ
Pigdon GS
Pitcher C
Pitcher EWJ
Ralston J Killed
Richardson C
Richardson CF Killed
Roberts JP
Robinson G
Robinson J
Robinson L
Ross AH
Routley S
Schultz F
Schultz L
Steel TH
Stephens J
Stephens V
Strong G or S Killed More Info
Strong H
Strong V
Sutherland C
Sutherland H
Swinburne TH
Trevorah A Killed
Trigg AJ
Wallace W Killed
Walker D
Walpole HS
Ward C
Ward N
Warne WG
Warren R
Weardon R
Webb A Killed
Webb G
Webster G
Wheadon J
Whelan R
White E
White TH
Willey H
Willey LG
Willey L
Williams S
Wilson A
Wilson JA MM CDG
Wilson W
Woods W
Wright AT
Wright C
Wright G
Stevens N Killed
Nichol J
Nichol L