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Shire of Leigh Roll of Honor

Current Location

Shelford Public Hall
16 Mercer Street (Rokewood Road)

Shire of Leigh Roll of Honor

Community, Golden Plains Shire

Board Description

Large wooden honour board with gold painted lettering. Columns of carved trees frame the title and names. A gold painted wreath is at the bottom of the centre column.

Full Inscription



1914 1919

(5 columns of names) (Centre column) THESE HAVE MADE






Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Bell AC
Bingley JHM
Bliss A
Bliss W
Boyd NN
Boyle WJ
Bower J
Bullock E
Burrell AG
Burrell J
Cahill JH
Cahill JM
Cahill McJ
Cahill MJ
Cameron A
Cameron D
Campbell I
Cations F
Cations L
Cherry EM
Cherry J
Chenery J
Collyer AJ
Collyer LR
Conn H
Currie JC
Dawber W
Dean NG
De Hastie CH
Dorrington AB Nurse
Dorrington JJ
Doyle J
Dredge JF
Dudley WH
Edgar WES
Elder N
Evans GW
Everett F
Farrell T
Fleming J
Fraser W
Gillett WR
Glassford WG
Hale CR
Hale SL
Hatfield E
Hatfield G
Hoare P
Hogan EJ
Holt F
Horan P
Houghton J
Hughes D
Irvine M
Jacka H
Jacka L
Jolly L
Judge A
Judge E
King J
King L
King T
Laidler W
Lawless HEL
Lawless JD
Leviston E
Lindorff C
Llewellyn H
Long P
Bell HC Killed
Bell J Killed
Bell R Killed
Brown HA Killed
Burnett AW Killed
Cahill V Killed
Carr G Killed
Cations J Killed
Crane P Killed
Crowley E Killed
Dudley A Killed
Flanagan FJ Killed
Griffin TC Killed
Hawes A Killed
Horan J Killed
Laidler N Killed
Meehl SL Killed
Mellington V Killed
Miller A Killed
Morgan EJ Killed
Morgan F Killed
Murphy C Killed
McCallum EW Killed
Nelson W Killed
Peel JC Killed
Salmon WS Killed
Sharp W Killed
Smith C Killed
Thornton L Killed
Tosh W Killed
Westrup O Killed
Wheadon JL Killed
White JB Killed
McWilson R Killed
Wilson CAC Killed
Wishart D Killed
Wishart HS Killed
Masters AT
Mayne LAW
Mayne LES
Mellington JG
Mildon F
Minogue D
Morley LP
Morrison J
Morrison JG
Morrison JR
Murphy P
Murphy PS
Murrell H
McCallum AA
McCallum HA
McCallum JT
McDonald LM
McDonald SM
McQueen M Rev
McKay R
McKay W
McNeil L
Nelson A
O'Donnell F
Park JC
Parker S
Parker TG
Pearson J
Peel GL
Pugh VGA
Richards E Nurse
Richards A
Ross A
Ross C
Ross H
Ross G
Routson J
Rowley J
Russell J
Simpson JW
Smith JH
Speary T
Spinks F
Spinks H
Squires E
Stewart A
Stewart K
Stone JT
Strahan J
Tanner G
Thornton A
Thornton B
Thornton M
Thornton S
Usher O
Wallace D
Wallace R
Westrup J
Westrup W
Wilson DI
Wilson J
Wilson JMcL
Wilson UH
Wishart G
Young W
Alford Jn