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Parish of Christ Church Geelong Roll of Honor

Current Location

Christ Church Geelong
57 McKillop Street

Parish of Christ Church Geelong Roll of Honor

Church Group, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Wooden panel in frame with names painted in gold. Title is backed by flags, Union Jack on the left and Red Ensign on the right flanking the flags of the allies.

Full Inscription




European War

“Brethren Pray for Us” 1 Thess V 25 …


(5 columns of names)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Armstrong OR
Clarke B
Collier F
Barling JH
Roberts PL
Roberts LE
Roberts EI
Spark R
Spark GV
Evans RO
Mackay GWH
Hood PF
Bade AE
Simpson ER
Elburn HC
Hobday C
Grigg AJ
Leighton JW
Hunt RC
Fleet AG Killed in action
Rossiter LH
Sadler HE Cr
Smith EA
Marryatt WBG
Kelynack E
Briggs H
Green AS
Walton WJ
Newland FAG
Hall WE
Leviston TW
Dyson E
Freeman JF
Winstanley R
Rossiter HB
Hobbs CAS
Merrill JA
Evans WG
Smith VF
Cane S
Burgess J
Sutton ALF
Parker L
Fetherstonhaugh TG
Fetherstonhaugh TF
McDonald JSH
Bebbington H
Winstanley EN
Betts LJ
Warner E
Hambling HR
Homfray NE
Hambling WJ
Anstee W Killed in action
Atkins LH
Alexander HW
Bell JB
Bliss WJ
Bechervaise F
Brearley PC
Burgess E
Buller RL
Dance F
Douglass GP
Dunt F Killed in action
Evans N McT
Evans S
Elden CR
Finney H
Field H
Finnis HC
Farrow WL
Campbell IJ
Evans D
Clarence WL
Jose HS
Aston PV
Freeman H
McHarry V
Prime AM
Prime PH
Rooke T
Dixon J
Williams G
Fleet DG
Godfrey A
Grigg PGF Killed in action
Hambling GC
Hudson FW
Ibbitson AV
Jamieson AW
Kelly AC
Keenan C Killed in action
Keenan F
Lowday R
Lascelles F
Lemke AW
Pilley AG
Robinson WH
Sutterby TE
Surtees A
Slater JH
Saywell CR Killed in action
Drewitt Nurse
Green Nurse
Fetherstonhaugh RT
Sutterby HR
Renshaw A
Herd FW
Parker SJ
Machar FJ
Machar HW
Hooper EJJ
Leighton H
Smith WC
Sadler H Killed in action
Saywell T
Taylor CF Killed in action
Thorley P
Winstanley F
Walters R
Wood AF
Young AG
Younger EA
Griffiths T
Griffiths G Killed in action
Griffiths C
Barling EL
Jennings AC
Thorley RS
Grant WR
Campbell EG
Gavin FJ
Asche HG
Robinson A
Cane G Killed in action
Bennett CS
Penglase HS
Coleman HJ
Pilley R
Grigg GT
Gravitt WGC
Stoate RJ
Read GF
Petrass WH
Petrass TL
Thorne L
McEwan RG
Beck F
Bedford W
Fleet WJ
Bailey LC
Kiddle AG
Ozanne AT
Tuxen C
White AJ
Dickson JC
Mackay GG
Kahle CG
Rossiter O
Hobbs RET
Bews ORS
Dupe CS
Kelly JJ
Turner AG
Cane W
Suffield AF
Morris JJ
Wilson CAL
Dardis PR
Beach SE
Newman WH
Culliver EE
Currie AJ
Laney RA
Hammer PL
Rowbottom CH
Howarth H
Grant V
Wilson LS
Dixon CH
Pattie PC
Casperson JN
Smith AV
Freeman JA
Price GR
Young H
Heinz G