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All Saints Church Newtown Members Who Served

Current Location

All Saints Church
113 Noble Street

All Saints Church Newtown Members Who Served

Church Group, City of Greater Geelong

Board Description

Large wooden honour board with hinged panels. Lettering is gold and the top is carved with plant motifs and a carving of Christ in the middle panel.

Full Inscription




(5 columns of names)

(Cross symbol) RIP (Cross symbol)


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Anderson EH Killed
Bartlett FW Killed
Batten V Killed
Bedford RH
Brown W Killed
Brown RB
Beales WA
Brumley EJ
Birdsey N
Barclay WH
Burrows WR Killed
Blake R
Bigmore AW
Bowler L
Bowler AE
Beck HE
Coles JS Killed
Coles AE
Coles DH Killed
Coles AW
Coles G
Collins EG Killed
Carr HJC
Campbell PSC
Campbell ACM
Campbell JH
Connor JG Killed
Connor HM Killed
Calder JH Killed
Cockayne TF
Cobb CF
Coates RN
Dean AW Killed
Dowling JW
Dowling CW
Dickson AJ
Dickson AD Killed
Dunlop W
Dixon C
Fletcher F
Fletcher CP
Fletcher N
Fetherstonhaugh FCC
Griffiths T Killed
Griffiths G
Griffiths C
Freen AS
Gross GF
Gross AE
Gadd RB
Gray OE
Gilham AW
Hitchins H
Hedges WS
Hoggart WR Killed
Hately L
Hooper A
Hoey O
Harrison A
Harrison R
Howe KT
Hoey RO
Hawkes TB
Hawkesworth HE Killed
Ireland CJ
Kelynack A
Kelynack E Killed
Kaufman JCS Killed
King I
Lester HR Killed
Lascelles FH Killed
Cunningham AJ
Cunningham TR Killed
Alexander Anne
Hall E Mari
Gillingham Ethel
Green Doris
Douglas Grace
Stafford Maud K
Longden CR
Longden NA
Lowe CH
Lowe E
Lowe A
Libbis B
Latta DM Killed
Latta CH
Murray TF
Murray ED
Murray AS
Murray T
Morton N
McQuat E Killed
Neil J
Marsham RJ
MacGillivray I
MacRoberts AH
Mitchell G
Marchant R
Marchant F
Marchant G
Marwood AW
Mayall J
Milne A
Miller EL
Mathews K
Nicholls HA
Nicholson L
Pillow R Killed
Pillow HF Killed
Price V
Price L
Price F
Parrington T
Poynder H
Powell NHV Killed
Reed CJ
Richardson C
Richardson R
Rankine W Killed
Reilly WL
Ross JA
Routley SWL
Sayer WT Killed
Sword RS
Syer M Killed
Scott S
Sebire FH Killed
Stock F
Turnbull JLH
Turner W
Thorley W
Thorley H
Vines A
Windmaill J
Whitteron R Killed
Webb J