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Anglesea Recreation & Sports Club Honor Roll

Current Location

Anglesea Sports & Recreation Club
Located adjacent to the Anglesea River

Anglesea Recreation & Sports Club Honor Roll

Sports Club, Surf Coast Shire

Board Description

Wooden honour board with gold lettering, a wreath and two flags; the Union Jack and the Australian Red Ensign.

Full Inscription

1914 1918



(3 columns of names)

Small brass plaque stating ‘Presented by Mrs SRJ Mawson’


Last Name Initials Suffix Notation
Anderson H
Anderson G
Appleton GB
Appleton WTT Died?
Bateman AA
Belcher EN
Bell John Died?
Bannister A
Campbell PSC
Crowl JT Died?
Cunningham AJ
Cutts C
Douglass G Died?
Elvins HF
Evans A Died?
Evans S
Evans WJ
Everett P
Faulkner H
Findlay WS Died?
Fisher PW
Freeman H Died?
Freeman J
Forrest JA
Foster F
Gavens H Died?
Gavens G Died?
Gilliland Sister
Hall TM
Hall AS
Harvey W
Hunt RF
Hunt RLC
Hurst LN
Jackson JPN
Johnstone HT
Larcombe JL
Marshall N
Mawson FRS
Naylor AJ
Noble AG
Noble JM
O'Brien L
Oliver IM
Oliver RC
Paton F
Petrass W
Riggall H
Ritchie Sister
Rodda H
Slater J Died?
Smith RFM
Storrer HH Died?
Storrer CM Died?
Tonge AW
Urbahns ARHC
Vallance D
Webb J
Whitteron R
Young J
Young CL Died?
Webster D