200th Honour Board Uploaded

A unique and beautiful tribute to 31 Geelong soldiers is the 200th World War I Honour Board to be added to the Geelong Honours Them database.

While the whereabouts of the original Honour Board is currently unknown, a glass negative photograph taken around the 1930s provides a highly detailed view of the elaborately crafted piece.

Contemporary newspaper reports describe the aesthetics of the Honour Board and several soldiers are mentioned by name including the three fallen – Driver DJ Myors, Sergeant EVS Sutton and Private RM Wilson.

The Melbourne Electric Supply Co. (Geelong Branch) Roll of Honour was on display in the Power Station on Brougham Street prior to partial demolition of the building in the 1970s.

Read more about the discovery of the Honour Board photo and ongoing research into other missing Honour Boards in a new Story.