Missing Honour Boards

It is unfortunate that not every WWI Honour Board in the Geelong region still exists today.

Created in many different forms, sizes and styles by our communities during and post WWI, they provide us with an amazing insight into the social connections our servicemen and women had with their local community.

No doubt there are original WWI Honour Boards out there still in our region unknowingly hidden away – yet to be re-discovered!

Then there is the Honour Board that has survived and found its way to a new home well outside the Geelong Honours Them project’s geographical capture areas. The Operative Painters & Decorators Union of Australasia Geelong Sub Branch Honor Roll was originally created in Geelong but is now part of the Museums Victoria Collection.

Fortunately, for some of the WWI Honour Boards that are still missing, the GHT project team has been able to access and make available the recorded information inscribed on the original board.

Many years ago, The Geelong Family History Group (GFHG) carried out a survey of Honour Boards that they could identify across the Geelong region and the data that they recorded back then has been an invaluable resource for the GHT project today.

An example of a missing WWI Honour Board that the GFHG had recorded data for is the Geelong Hospital Nurses, Doctors and Employees Honor Roll.

Although the original board has not yet been physically located and digitally photographed, a newsprint image published in 1919 has been used to produce a ‘generic Honour Board’ visualisation together with all the names of Hospital personnel recognised for their service to the Anzac effort.

In the event that the GHT project team is at any time in the future advised of the actual whereabouts of a missing Honour Board, the intention will always be to digitally photograph the board and replace the generic Honour Board image with the original.

So, if you know the whereabouts of an original WWI Honour Board that is currently listed as ‘not yet located’ or perhaps a WWI Honour Board from the Geelong region that hasn’t been identified, let us know so we can digitally photograph it and make it accessible for all to see.